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   Chapter 1272 Another Day

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Rachel left the police station in high spirits after seeing Miranda's tragic fate. She was already on the road when a phone call came in relentlessly. Rachel caught a glimpse of the caller ID and a familiar name was showing. She cursed in a low breath as she continued to ignore the call.

After sleeping with Alan that day, she often received his phone calls. Every time she tried to refuse him, she did not realize that he kept calling more often. Moreover, she could not avoid him forever. Rachel got upset when she thought how annoying it was becoming.

Finally, she decided to take the call. "Hello, Mr. Zhao. What can I do for you?" Rachel tried to set aside her irritation and forced herself to sound more natural.

"Ms. Bai, are you free today? I've always wanted to meet you. Would you like to hang out?"

"Of course I would like to see you again," she answered in a heartbeat. "However, we have a lot going on in the company recently and I hardly have time to take a leave. I'll let you know when I have the time." Rachel assured him.

"Don't get yourself too worked out, Ms. Bai. Well then, I'll wait for your notice. Don't let me down." Alan sounded optimistic.

Rachel didn't answer. She was still upset when she hung up the phone. When she remembered what happened to her with Alan at the hotel last time, she thought the man was really disgusting. She recalled the nausea that lingered when his hot breath sprayed on her face. She couldn't imagine herself spending another night with him.

Back in her office, Holley's high tension relaxed after she dealt with the company's affairs.

It had been a while since she last worked, and today was so far, her most productive day in the office. It was only after she had a short rest that her cell phone broke the silence in the room.

Staring at the caller ID, she suddenly felt unhappy as she read the name.

It was Lanny Huang calling.

Lanny Huang was no stranger to her. A few months ago, Rachel forced her to persuade him to investment in their company. Tempting him was an exhausting work for her.

If Lanny Huang was handsome and graceful, it wouldn't be a big deal. But he was not only fat, but also a pervert. He played a lot of perverted games every time they got dealings.

During the period of coaxing Lanny Huang to sign the contract, Holley had to meet with him a lot. And although she hated it the most, she was left with no other options. Every

At this time, Holley was complacent about her brilliant idea of killing two birds with one stone.

Every time she dealt with this lecher, she ended up exhausted. Now it was Rachel's turn to do it.

She knew that Lanny Huang always enjoyed the pleasure of conquering powerful women in the workplace. He would also be interested with Rachel tomorrow and he should be able to divert his hunting target because of the feeling of freshness.

In this way, she could not only get rid of the dignified lecher, but also use Rachel to maintain this big customer. Why not?

As for Rachel's thinking, whether she wanted to or not, she could not care less. But she thought Rachel was willing to do it.

After all, Rachel always knew how to use her body to her advantage. Maybe she was still enjoying it, Holley thought with a slight irony in her heart.

As expected, Lanny Huang made reservations at one of the city's finest restaurants the next day. He was initially just expecting Holley, so the moment he saw Rachel with her, he was unable to hide his excitement and began to flirt with her.

Holley looked at Lanny Huang coldly because he now behaved the same way he did when he first saw her. She knew that her goal was basically achieved, but she remained silent.

Rachel, on the other hand, didn't think much about it. She just thought Lanny Huang thought she was beautiful. Holley's intention did not even cross her mind.

"I have long heard of your name, Ms. Bai. I'm glad to finally meet you today. I didn't expect you to be so young and beautiful." Lanny Huang complimented her, narrowing his eyes slightly.

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