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   Chapter 1271 Visit Miranda

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Early the next morning, Bernard and Rachel made their way to the police station. The sun shone brightly as they stepped out of the car. After yesterday's near-death experience, Rachel felt thankful for this brand new day.

The police station was a busy place. A lot of police officers came and went as they sat in the waiting area. A few minutes later, a policewoman finally approached them. "Good morning. This way ma'am," she said as she led them to her desk for questioning.

Rachel reported the evidences she collected to the police, which included the evidence of Miranda killing Lance and the matter of Miranda and Danny transferring the property illegally. She also charged Miranda of kidnapping and attempted murder.

The police checked the evidences she presented and told her that they would deal with the case as soon as possible.

On the way back from the police station, Rachel was absent-minded. She was thinking that after coming back, Holley would be assigned to solving the problem of the business partners withdrawing capital. As the deadline approached, if the company couldn't get any investments, they would have no choice but to shut it down.

Bernard suddenly broke the silence.

"About my question yesterday, you said you would think about it," he started. "Have you come up with a decision?" Perhaps because it was different from the hazy night yesterday, under the bright sunshine, Bernard looked nervous and awkward obviously.

Rachel faltered,"I have thought about it for a long time. I don't think we know each other enough, so we... We might not be the best for each other. I am sorry, Bernard."

Bernard felt depressed when he heard it, though it was the answer he expected. He always thought that Rachel was out of his league. In the past, he could only see her onscreen, and now, even if she was beside him, he could feel the long distance between them.

Looking at the disappointment in Bernard's eyes, Rachel wanted to take back what she said for a second, but she was clear that he was not the one she had been looking for. Even with his strong feelings for her, he was unable to give her the lifestyle that she wanted. She felt sorry for him but she couldn't be his girlfriend.

Rachel made her way to her office as soon as she arrived Tarsan Corporation. Her assistant told her that Holley arrived half an hour earlier and was already waiting for

at the last gasp.

Rachel was initially prepared to head home after work, but after getting the news, she decided to take a detour and went to the police station instead.

In the reception room of the police station, Rachel finally saw Miranda again. In fact, at the first glance of the murderer, she felt scared involuntarily. Rachel would inevitably think back that this devil almost killed her that night.

But soon after, she realized that now, Miranda was just a prisoner and was unable to threaten her anymore.

"Mrs. Zhan, do you feel surprised to see me today? I have told you before that you will be punished in the end. Now that day has come, right?" Seeing that Miranda, who was sitting opposite to her, looked downcast, Rachel felt she had avenged herself.

"My only regret is that I didn't get to successfully kill you." Miranda still acted tough in front of Rachel.

And that was truly what Miranda thought. Every time she thought back of that day, she regretted deeply. She had played it over and over in her head and thought that if she would have only taken action earlier, she wouldn't end up this way.

"Unfortunately, there is no 'if' in this world. And I am bound to be living happily after surviving that disaster. I wish you happiness in prison," Rachel sneered.

"Rachel, get out! I don't want to see you." Miranda restrained herself the entire time but still got furious in the end.

"If not for my kindness, I would have not come to visit you, Mrs. Zhan. You are such an ungrateful person." Rachel just came to add insult to injury and spoke with sarcasm.

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