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   Chapter 1270 Chaperone

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Suddenly, a dim light squeezing through the warehouse door caught Rachel's attention. She was the only one who had noticed it since she was facing the exit. The light was as weak as the one that fireflies gave off. The next second, it was gone.

Having been tormented by Miranda, Rachel became more paranoid. Even the dim light rekindled her desire to survive. 'Am I imagining things now? Is there someone out there? If I scream for help, will someone come to my rescue? She is going to kill me anyway. So I might as well wait for an opportunity and give it a shot, ' she brooded.

Noticing that Rachel was slightly absentminded, Miranda was pissed off. Looking down at Rachel, she said superciliously, "You know what? I'm going to tape your mouth because you might not be able to endure the pain and cry out. Although I'm sure that no one will hear you in this remote place, to hear you make any noises will definitely upset me."

She then signaled to Danny to get her a scotch tape. Rachel somehow gathered up some courage and screamed for help in the direction of the door. "Help! Anyone! Help me!" she shouted. Panicked, Danny hurried to tape her mouth shut.

Even though Miranda and Danny didn't believe that anyone would show up, they still turned around to look at the door fearing that someone might ruin their plan. But the door remained shut. Silence filled the air. There was no doubt that no one could find them in this deserted place.

Rachel's actions reminded Miranda that she should take down the hostage right now, in case any emergency happened. Miranda picked up a fruit knife and approached Rachel slowly. As the sharp edge of the knife reflected a dazzling light in the darkness, Rachel shook her head with infinite trepidation. She wanted to move backward but she couldn't move an inch since terror had seized her. She tried to scream but to no avail for her mouth was taped. Closing her eyes, she accepted her fate as tears rushed down her cheeks.

At that moment, they heard a noise from outside. It sounded like someone was approaching. Surprise came upon them as a loud kick hit the door and it swung open. With a terrified expression, Miranda and Danny turned around to check what was

d stepped out of the car, they found themselves facing each other in silence without any intention of going their separate ways. It was a starry night. The soft night breeze blew, spreading the pleasant scent of gardenia. At this point, the peaceful atmosphere filled the two.

"I'm going to the police station tomorrow to submit the evidence which could prove that Lance's wife is the murderer. Can you come with me, Bernard? I hope you can join me," Rachel said sweetly.

Bernard nodded in agreement. Even if Rachel hadn't brought it up, he would have offered to accompany her to the police station. "Get inside and have some rest," he suggested. "If anything happens, call me." Just as he said it, it suddenly occurred to him that Rachel's cell phone was broken. Without thinking twice, he reached out to his pocket, got his phone and handed it to her.

"I completely forgot that your phone doesn't work. Well, you can use mine for now. We can go get yourself a new one tomorrow," he added. As soon as Rachel opened the door, he pushed her inside, waved to her and took off.

Fixing her eyes at his receding tall figure, Rachel suddenly felt slightly upset. 'He is so tall and has broad shoulders. It seems like he can protect me from harm, ' she thought.

Rachel took a shower and threw herself onto the bed. After tonight's narrow escape, she thought that she might have trouble finding sleep. But to her surprise, she dozed off as soon as she closed her eyes.

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