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   Chapter 1269 You Are Too Naive

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"Don't you think that you are too naive, Ms. Bai? Who put such an idea in your head that I will still let you see the light of day after taking pains of bringing you here? Well, sorry to tell you, this will be the last place you will ever see. Want to expose my crime? You can do it in the next life!"

Full of hate, Miranda spat those words at Rachel. Danny, who stood right next to her felt chills run down his spine. But still, he nodded. And Rachel, she had never felt so scared and desperate in her entire life until now. She didn't expect that Miranda was a bold and crazy bitch.

Now that Rachel had the time to contemplate about her actions, she regretted that she had provoked Miranda. Had she known that Miranda was psychologically unstable, she would not have acted on impulse. 'How could I get out of here? Think, think, think! I don't want to die yet! I couldn't die like this!'

"I'm really sorry, Mrs. Zhan! Please forgive me! I now learned my lesson. I shouldn't have done this. I wasn't thinking clearly! I promise, when I get home, I will destroy all the evidences! Please, trust me. I will really do it!" Lying on her stomach, Rachel begged like a dog.

Miranda was unaffected by Rachel's begging. She saw her as a pile of rubbish needed to be disposed. And the more wretched Rachel was, the happier Miranda felt.

Truth be told, what she felt towards the girl was complicated. When she learned of her husband's affair, she was more jealous than enraged. Rachel was younger and more beautiful than her. Though there was no love lost between her and her husband, the feeling of humiliation surfaced. They were well-known in high society. What would they say if they learned about the affair? It was a harsh slap in her face. And it was payback time!

"Trust you? Are you kidding me, Ms. Bai? I wasn't born yesterday. The moment I let you go, you will send me to prison!" Miranda snapped, her voice as cold as ice. Sentencing Rachel to death was so easy. It was just like talking about the weather.

"No, I won't! I swear! I will never ever call the police! What should I do to make you believe me, Mrs. Zhan?! Please, tell me. I will do anything. ANYTHING!"

In a trembling voice, Rachel pleaded and pleaded. With tears rolling down her dusty cheeks, she was a picture of hopelessness. But Rachel didn't care how she looked at the moment. Her goal was to get out of her bad predicament. She would do everything to convince that woman to let her

mind, one would pity her. Poor woman!

"It's time, Ms. Bai. Any last wish? I will see to it that they happen the way you want them," Miranda finally said.

"One day, Mrs. Zhan, you will get what you deserve! Do you think I'm the only one who knows of your crime? My death will not keep your secret! Somebody will expose you! Just wait and see. Hah!" Rachel shouted maliciously at Miranda.

Miranda was shocked! Though she couldn't tell whether Rachel was telling the truth or not, it made her hesitate.

"Who else knows about this?" she asked.

"Why should I tell you, Mrs. Zhan?" Rachel replied calmly in a sing-song voice.

It was so dark that Miranda couldn't see Rachel clearly. But she could tell that underneath her calm reply was a mockery solely intended for her. Was it a threat? She couldn't really tell. But one thing was for sure, she was losing her patience. Then, Miranda flared up and gave Rachel a big slap.

It was so hard that Rachel fell on her side. She felt the warm sting in her cheek. She tasted the rustiness of the blood oozing at the side of her lips. She spat it out immediately. Then she raised her head arrogantly to maintain her dignity.

"It doesn't really matter whether you tell me or not. What is important is you. Don't you agree? One way or another, you will face death." Still, Rachel's words continued to make Miranda think. 'If someone else really knows what happened, and has proof, why does Rachel just threaten me with it now?' Miranda couldn't help but feel a little intimidated by Rachel's revelation. But after careful deliberation, it all boiled down to one thing—SHE DIDN'T BELIEVE HER!

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