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   Chapter 1268 Kidnap

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Rachel thought, 'I'm the only woman that should be at Charles' side!' Clearly, she could feel anger, envy, and sorrow boiling in her heart, which made her feel very uneasy. All she wanted to do was shove Sheryl away from Charles! It was painful to see them being so close and affectionate towards one another!

Rachel wasn't even in the mood for the banquet anymore. She felt completely empty and as though she was unable to move her body. Her soul disappeared into thin air. It went to a faraway place where she knew that it wouldn't get hurt. However, even so, she was still eager to take a few more glances at Charles, the man she loved so much. Recalling her surroundings, she had forgotten why she was there in the first place. While the crowd was chatting about, drinking and having fun, she felt like she was an outcast. Even though she tried, she couldn't see, nor hear anything. It was as though someone pressed a pause button, and the world went completely silent.

The only person that she was able to see in the room, was Charles. In silence, she moved over to a dim corner to hide. Actually, she didn't really want to see Charles at all, because he was enjoying himself. To make things worse, the disgust he had in his eyes for her, was literally killing her!

She continued observing Charles holding Sheryl's hand tenderly. He smiled affectionately at Sheryl and even introduced Sheryl as his wife to others.

For no apparent reason, she couldn't move her eyes from Charles. Her eyes had captured every single move he made. Every scene playing out in front of her was deeply engraved at the bottom of her eyes and replayed itself over and over again. She felt tormented!

Perhaps the only way to ease her pain was to imagine herself as Sheryl at that moment. She couldn't help but picture herself next to Charles' side, which only brought her a brief moment of peace.

Dejected, she drank alone in the shade. The experience was bitter. Was it because of the alcohol? Or, perhaps due to the bitterness she'd felt in her heart? She couldn't come to a conclusion.

In her mildly drunken state, she couldn't resist the urge to approach Charles. Holding her glass of wine, she walked up towards Charles and Sheryl.

Sheryl was still holding Charles' hand, greeting the attendants whom she was acquainted with. She then saw Rachel standing close by, whom she hated with every fiber in he being.

Recalling what had happened between her and Rachel in her mind, Sheryl went completely silent.

Sheryl's abrupt mood was quickly noticed by Charles. He turned his head to Sheryl, only to find

in an unknown place.

When she tried to make sense of what had happened, all she could think about was her headache. The confined space was filled with darkness and her one hand was tied to a heavy pillar. There was no way for her to figure out where she was or what time it was.

She then remembered what happened before she woke up. She must have been kidnapped, but who would do this?

Thinking about all of the names of people that she might have caused trouble to, and the people who might take action against her, she just managed to increase the intensity of the pain caused by her headache. At last, she gave up the attempt to think and closed her eyes, pretending to be in a coma as she patiently waited for the person in the dark to appear.

After what felt like a long time, she finally heard a sound.

A door was slowly opened. Light shed into the room, which hurt her eyes, as she had been accustomed to darkness for too long. The sudden light caused her eyes to well up with tears. After finally being able to see her surroundings vaguely, she found herself in an abandoned warehouse.

Squinting her eyes, she saw someone approaching her. To her surprise, one of the people was Miranda. Rachel was at a total loss and had no idea of what to do.

"Ms. Bai, are you still waiting for my investment in your company? You couldn't have imagined that you'd end up like this, right? Hah!" Her laugh reverberated in the spacious warehouse, which terrified Rachel.

"Mrs. Zhan, I thought we had an agreement. If you dare to do anything to me, the evidence of you killing Mr. Zhan will surely end up with the police!" Thinking to herself that she still had her bargaining chip in hand, she managed to calm herself down.

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