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   Chapter 1267 A Perfect Match

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Charles was depressed. Watching Melissa gradually lose weight and slowly go crazy when she was emotional broke his heart.

This was his mother and the closest person to him biologically. While he loved her dearly, she always forced him to do things he didn't want to do.

It was because Melissa cried so much that Charles was affected. It liked whenever he went home to Sheryl, he brought this sadness with him. He couldn't help but be grumpy and found himself unable to say anything nice. He had to try his best not to talk much when he was at home because he didn't want to hurt anyone with his words.

Outside the ward, Sheryl was devastated.

She usually felt mentally prepared whenever she visited the hospital, but this time she felt anxious. She hadn't anticipated being so sad over Melissa telling Charles to divorce her and let her leave the house.

What made her even more upset was that from beginning to end, Charles hadn't said a single word in her defense, even though Melissa was slandering her.

Sheryl's heart sunk at the very thought. Lowering her hand with food for the patient powerlessly, she turned around and went outside. Taking a deep breath, Sheryl turned her head and glanced at the ward door. The sounds of cheerful chatting and laughing from inside the door were strident and hurtful.

Later that night, back at the villa, Danny walked quietly toward the gate. Taking out a key from his back pocket, he put it in the lock and opened the door.

He had something very important to do, so he was late. As soon as Danny entered, he immediately saw Miranda sitting on the couch, her face emotionless.

"Honey, what's wrong? You look unhappy," Danny said, with worry in his voice. Sitting down on the couch next to Miranda, he gently wrapped his arms around her.

He was good at playing the role of a considerate lover.

"Do you remember that woman Rachel Bai I mentioned to you before? She found out that we murdered my husband and then transferred the p

as jealous of her, and every man was crazy for her. Such a thought gratified her vanity.

Rachel entered the lobby gracefully, as if she were walking on the red carpet. When she saw Mr. Li, she hugged him warmly, wished him a happy birthday, and then gave her gift to the man in charge of receiving presents.

"Ms. Bai, you are more and more beautiful every time I see you. Enjoy yourself tonight," Mr. Li said to Rachel happily. It seemed that he was proud to have such a beautiful woman attend his party.

"Mr. Li, happy birthday. And is this your wife? Mrs. Li is so beautiful. As a single, I am jealous of your deep love."

Mr. Li chuckled in response. "Many successful men came here today. Take your pick! I must go now, but, Ms. Bai, make yourself at home."

Rachel nodded and smiled. After Mr. Li left, she started to scan the room for potential business partners.

Suddenly, there was an uproar at the hotel gate. Her heart sank at the commotion. Unexpectedly, she saw someone she was familiar with.

Charles and Sheryl were walking into the party, hand in hand, like the most affectionate couple in the world.

The crowd surrounding them praised them as a perfect match. Rachel heard and saw everything and wanted to rip their mouths out. 'They are a perfect match, but who am I?' she thought to herself.

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