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   Chapter 1264 The Truth About Lance's Death

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It had been a few days since Bernard hadn't heard from Rachel. He missed her voice so much.

"You called me just in time. I was about to send you something first. It's an audio record of the conversation between Miranda and her lover. They talked about the details and truth of Lance's death. Miranda is the murderer."

On the other end of the line, Rachel was shocked. She had never expected that Bernard had found a surprisingly big evidence. In fact, she only wanted to take a shot when she first called him.

"Really? Send it to me!" Rachel exclaimed. A few minutes later, Bernard sent her the audio clip.

After she opened and listened to the voice recording, she found that the female voice in it was truly Miranda's.

This audio record would not only save Holley, but also the whole company.

However, Rachel suddenly thought of something else.

What she really wanted to do was solve the company's issue. Thus, why didn't she find the quickest way to save her company?

If she chose to save Holley, Holley could help her reassure their clients and dissuade them from not investing. However, saving Holley required lots of effort. What was worse, this plan wasn't that efficient and did not guarantee perfect results.

After having thought about it for a while, Rachel decided to use the evidence's benefits to its maximum.

She made up her mind, and took action at once.

Her hand grabbed the mobile phone in her pocket and then dialed Lance's wife, who immediately picked up her call.

"Hello, is this Mrs. Zhan?"

When Miranda heard a woman's soft and sweet voice from the other end of the line, she felt that it was strange. Usually, she thought that such a call was from one of Lance's terrible love affairs. However, his very death reminded that such a thing was impossible. "Who is this?"

"I'm Rachel Bai. I think you know me well, right? After all, you almost succeeded in framing me up and putting me in jail."

After Miranda heard Rachel's words, she hung up the phone at once. She felt guilty and frantically stared at her phone, as if the thing in her hand was not a phone but a time bomb.

'How did Rachel find it out? Does she get the crucial evidence? Or she was just bluffing me into her trap?' All kinds of anxious thoughts filled up Miranda's mind, and

evidence that could put her behind bars. However, what came next was not what she had expected.

"Since your husband is dead, shall we stop such a secret date from now on? After all the internal funds of Silver Corporation are transferred into our foreign account, we can settle down abroad and enjoy our happy days."

Every word of Miranda's lover was clear over the phone, which filled Miranda with horror. Her body trembled with fear as she knew where this conversation went next.

Her mind screamed "stop!" as panic rushed in every fiber of her being. 'Shut up! Stop! That's enough!' she mentally cried out. But how could Rachel stop it now?

When Miranda heard her own voice, she felt as if two invisible hands had strangled her throat. She struggled to shout for help, but failed. The very familiar voice shut her into a wild world with a deadly silence, where she could only hear her own heavy breath.

"Yeah! Finally! Finally he died! I guess that he never expected that I would kill him. Haw-haw! Do you know what is the funniest part? When he was about to die, he still thought that I was the stupid housewife who was blindly in love with him. What a fool!"

Her voice in the audio clip was laced with such a joyful satisfaction, but her tone was also oddly twisted.

The record was still playing, but the sound had drowned out into a blur, until it was completely gone in her blank mind.

After a long time of silence, Rachel pressed the space key to stop the record and patiently waited for Miranda's answer.

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