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   Chapter 1263 Any Progress

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The shock was overwhelming—Sheryl's hands were shaking as they held the chopsticks.

Upon hearing the sound, Charles put down his bowl and utensils, stood up and hurried to the bed.

Still lying in bed, Melissa woke up with great efforts to open her eyes, her face as white as a sheet of paper.

"Mom, it's me. How are you feeling right now?" Charles gently asked.

Seeing Charles standing in front her, Melissa was suddenly moved to tears. A crystal-clear tear rolled down her cheek and disappeared into the surface of her pillow.

"I never thought that… I could ever survive and see you again." No longer able to hold back the sobs, Melissa sounded extremely hoarse.

The sound of her cries rang in Charles' ears, letting him indulge in a state of both blues and stiffness.

Seeing his mother look so weak and moved made a combination of complex feelings surge from the bottom of his heart.

Meanwhile, Sheryl came by and stayed beside Charles. She softly asked, "Mom, are you hungry? Would you like anything to eat? I can fetch you something if you want."

Hearing Sheryl's voice, Melissa suddenly raised her head and her sad eyes started glowing like burning torches.

"It's you!" Her voice raising eagerly and her shaky fingers pointing at Sheryl, she accused, "Why…you dare show up here? I will never forgive you!"

With that, Melissa tried to support herself with two arms—she was visibly shaking, ready to fight against Sheryl.

The unexpected aggression made Sheryl back off instinctively. While Charles was ready to restrain his mother, he paused as he saw her look so weak that she fell down on the quilt crying bitterly.

Melissa's nearly crazy reaction made Sheryl's heart incredibly heavy.

Still, she had already predicted how Melissa would act after she woke up. Since the woman narrowly escaped death, how could she let Sheryl go so easily?

However, it was much to her surprise to receive a harsh accusation the very minute Melissa woke up—she didn't even let Sheryl have a word. How could she continue to stay in this ward?

As Sheryl'

ge of these clients? Why did anything happen suddenly?" In a hurry, Rachel snatched her clothes and got dressed, getting ready to rush back to the office.

"Those clients were developed and maintained by Holley. They've always been entrusted to her. The reason they left this time may be because Holley was in prison."

The assistant was quick to reply but she was rather concerned about Rachel losing her temper. After all, Rachel's awful temper was a well-known secret in the company.

"Alright, I'll see. I'll be back in the office soon." With that, Rachel quickly hung up and rushed back to the company immediately.

Back in the office, Rachel contacted those who were in charge of withdrawing capital and pacified them temporarily to earn some time with them.

Unsurprisingly, they merely promised to take it into consideration and give her an official reply later on.

At this moment, Rachel realized her days would just get more difficult from then on. In such a situation, she couldn't come up with any better approach to raise funds except to take every step cautiously. 'Perhaps…' she thought, 'the turning point lies in Bernard.'

With that idea, she immediately phoned him.

"What did you find? Has there been any progress? Holley's having a rough time right now…I just don't want her to suffer anymore. We have to catch the murderer and let justice be done."

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