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   Chapter 1262 She Woke Up

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"Fine. Now that you've shown your sincerity, Rachel, I'll sign the contract. I hope you won't let me down."

Alan handed the contract to Rachel after he signed it. She put it inside her handbag gingerly. Finally, she felt relieved.

Busy with her own thoughts, Rachel was caught surprised when Alan pulled her to his chest and whispered in her ear, "Ms. Bai, how about we go somewhere to have some fun?" he offered, flirting.

She didn't think twice. She held onto his arm and allowed him to lead her out of the booth.

The suite had a luxurious double bed along with a stylish modern decor, a high ceiling and a large window. A large-screen HDTV was set in the living room. There was also a chic bathroom and a kitchenette with fridge, microwave oven and dishwasher. The scent of lavender filled the room. A tower floor lamp provided a gentle glow and some accent lighting in the room.

As soon as he opened the door, Alan put his fat hand into Rachel's bra. When he touched her plump, soft breast, he yield to the desire.

If there hadn't been many people in the hallway, he would have already made love to this hot girl right then and there.

As they entered the room, Alan gave the door a kick and it closed with a thump. He lifted Rachel to his chest and threw her on the soft, large double bed.

Caught off guard, Rachel hit the bed hard and felt dizzy. As she was about to get up, Alan pounced on her.

The man was fat and with his body on top of her, she was unable to move an inch and had difficulty breathing normally.

"My little pretty!" Alan let out a nasty grin as he lowered his head to kiss her smooth neck.

Upon seeing this, Rachel shivered with fear. It was not her first time to be in a hotel with a man. Sometimes, she was good at such a situation. But at this moment, she felt a strong disgusting feeling rise in her heart.

Rachel used all of her might to push the Alan slightly away from her. "Wait!" she gasped.

"What? Are you planning to back out now after I signed the contract?" Alan asked menacingly, narrowing his eyes at the woman under him and looking displeased.

'I was about to have some fun, but she stopped me. Damn it!' he cursed inwardly, basking in anger. He was not about to let her go.

Taking notice of the sullen look on his face, Rachel drew an enticing smile and said coquettishly, "Don't get me wrong, Mr. Zhao. I..." She then looked down at her clothes and continued, "I haven't taken a bath yet. I'm all sweaty. I feel uncomfortable. So I want to..."

"Take a shower, right?" Alan finished her sentence. With

took a few moments before he had her wildly responding to his actions. Soon their moans and heavy breaths filled the entire room.

In one of the best VIP wards

Melissa was still in a coma. Charles had been seated at her bedside since she was transferred to the ward.

When Sheryl opened the door, she caught sight of Charles with a distressed face. Leaning against the chair, he looked dispirited and frustrated with his eyes slightly closed. She could tell he had not gotten enough rest.

Standing at the door, she walked quietly to avoid waking him up.

She felt heartbroken seeing her husband in such low spirits.

'Since he returned from abroad, he hasn't taken any breaks. His mother fell off the staircase and hasn't woken up yet. No doubt he is physically and mentally exhausted, ' she thought.

With a lunch box in her hand, Sheryl tiptoed to the bed. She took the soup, dishes and rice out of it and quietly laid them on the table. Charles opened his heavy eyes. Noticing Sheryl immediately, he turned to her.

"What time is it?" he asked, rubbing his temple.

"Half past eleven," Sheryl replied. "Come here and eat some. You haven't eaten anything the entire day. You'll be worn out if you don't eat anything."

Without saying a word, he cast his unconscious mother a glance, got up and walked up to Sheryl. He indeed felt tired and hungry.

The couple ate together silently. Sheryl didn't utter a word because her heart felt heavy after what had happened. Charles, on the other hand, didn't want to talk about it.

They were almost done with their meals when a weak voice reached their ears.

"Charles..." Melissa called weakly.

'She finally woke up, ' Sheryl thought in disbelief.

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