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   Chapter 1260 See You Tonight

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"Mr. Zhao, I believe there is a misunderstanding here. Tarsan Corporation does have some insignificant problems, but they all are already solved. You don't need to worry about them at all,"

promised Rachel on the phone.

"Ms. Bai, this is not about whether the problems in the company have been solved or not. This really is all about risk management. What I want you to understand is that the bigger the company is, the bigger the risk is at stake in every decision. So, I really have to be cautious. After all, my company is indeed very big. Are you with me on this?" Alan answered.

Rachel gritted her teeth in anger. 'Cunning fox!' she thought.

"Of course, I can understand you, Mr. Zhao. But at the same time, I also hope that you can kindly take our company into consideration. We are also a reliable big company. Trust me, you won't feel disappointed," Rachel assured him.

She thought for a while and then added, "I remember Mr. Zhao said to me you wanted to invite me for a drink, right? I see it that today is the right day. So let's go for a drink tonight. What do you think?"

Rachel couldn't help thinking of his disgusting lustful eyes. But she had to make this decision to save her company.

"All right! It's great! We will definitely meet by then!" Alan laughed loudly on the other end of the phone.

After Rachel hung up the phone, she slumped in her chair. Fatigue crawled on her.

But there was no time to rest. She got up shortly and continued working. She checked her note and realized that in a few days there would be a client's birthday party.

Even though this client's company was not very big, it was a stable cooperator. She had to maintain a good relationship with them. Her hope was simply that the birthday party could bring her more potential clients.

Her phone rang yet once again. Rachel felt like her brain was going to explode. Boy, how she wanted to turn off the phone and put all of these bullshits aside!

A long vacation was what she needed the most! She'd like to relax in a beach, along with the rhythmic and soothing dynamic of the tides, or literally anywhere that could help her get rid of her work for a while.

She decided to ignore the calls and then took a nap in her office. After she woke up, she checked her phone. There was a message from Bernard.

He must have some good news for her! She couldn't wait to read the message and call him immediately.

"It's me. Did you find any clue?"

"Yes. I found out that Miranda has a long-term lover. I investigated into her lover and had some breakthroughs."

Rachel would literally kill to hear it.

" One of the doctors recognized him. He strode towards him and said, "This patient is called Leila Zhang. She had food poisoning earlier today. We have saved her after two-hour operation. Had she been sent to the hospital a little bit later, we wouldn't have been able to do anything. The problem is, your wife sent her to the hospital today, but she is not here now, and we need to discuss, you know, the cost."

"I see. I will pay her medical fee. Could you please get her a nursing assistant to take care of her?" asked Charles.

"Very well. She is on the right hand. No need to worry," said the doctor. They had been worrying about the cost since Leila was left alone in the hospital. However they were really glad that Charles was willing to take the responsibility.

The operation had been over, but Leila was still too weak to wake up.

The nurses wheeled the gurney into the patient room. Charles withdrew his gaze.

At that time, he felt there was something unsettling about Leila's "food poisoning" case. There was something not right. According to what Melissa told him through the phone, Sheryl put poison in Leila's tea to kill her.

Sheryl seemed to have the right motive as well as the right reason to do so, but he knew Sheryl well enough that he didn't believe she would dare to do that.

Sheryl was an extremely kind woman. Leila had tried taken Clark away from her, which of course was intolerable for any mother, but Sheryl agreed to bring her to justice instead of retaliating with her. How could she do such an act after Leila was set free from prison?

Charles thought that it might be a trick by Leila to have herself tortured so that she could fool Melissa and Sheryl, and set Sheryl up. Was it even possible?

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