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   Chapter 1259 Renew The Contracts

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Catching the employees talking to each other during business hours, Rachel became furious. Marcelo stepped in and asked her to be lenient to the employees. This made Rachel angrier. She believed that to reach success in life, one had to work hard and learn to obey rules. In this case, her rules were the ones they should obey as long as they were employees in her company.

She clapped her hands to get the attention of everyone. In a loud sarcastic voice, she said, "Congratulations! You really made my day! What do you think you're doing, huh? Is that what you call working hard?! Well, let me tell you this! If you think you're working hard already, you are all wrong! I don't pay you a lot of money just to sit and talk shit to each other! This is my company, and you are all here to respect me by abiding by my rules!" Without thinking twice, Rachel turned to Marcelo and yelled, "I already made up my mind. You are fired! Clear out your desk as soon as possible and get out of my company!"

Firing Marcelo was a warning for everyone to know how serious she was with her company rules. Furthermore, she wanted them to see that there wouldn't be second thoughts on firing them once she found out that they violated her rules. However, her rash decision on terminating Marcelo did not invite any positive outcome on work ethics among her employees. Instead, they started to question the legality of the termination. Moreover, the employees started to rebel against her and question her authority.

Everyone could see how shocked Marcelo was. His flattering smile slowly disappeared, he tactfully defended himself by saying, "Ms. Bai, I didn't do anything wrong. As a matter of fact, I worked myself harder in the last few years to reach this position."

As hard as he could, he maintained his calm image as he continued to fight for his right. "You cannot fire me. I believe I contributed a lot during the difficult years of building this company up."

"Cut the crap, Marcelo. As the head of Administration, you should know the procedure from top to bottom. Take your things and leave before I call security." Then, without looking back, Rachel walked to her office without a care in the world.

Her time was so precious than to waste it arguing with a lowly employee.

"Oh, Marcelo…" The employees couldn't believe what Rachel did to Marcelo. They were strongly appalled to what she did. All their sympathies went to Marcelo. Those employees who were near Marcelo came forward to comfort him. And, one thing was happening among the employees—they were all complaining.

"This time, Ms. Bai really went too far! I couldn't believe she disregarded you after you made great contributions in this company. How could she fire you just because of you standing up for us?"

Marcelo had been good to all the staff. He always put the employees first before himself. He encouraged them to do their best, and he always saw potential in them. When the employees were in trouble, he would take the blame. It was the reason why Marcelo lost his job. He defended them.

Though Marcelo was already aggrieved, he still comforted the employees. Smiling bitterly, he said, "It doesn't matter. The corporation is in

ealized now that directing her rage at them would not help. What she needed was time and space to think about the status of the company.

'Tarsan Corporation has problems both internally and externally, ' thought she. With her hand on her forehead, she was thinking on how to deal with the existing problems. This made her depressed.

One of the reasons why the employees were resigning was because they were disappointed with her. It reached its peak when she fired Marcelo. But there was another one reason. Behind her back, rival companies were recruiting them. And, they were considering their offers mainly because they were not happy anymore at the present treatment they were receiving under her supervision.

Sadly, Rachel hadn't figured it out. Though many employees already left, she didn't take the time to reflect on the reasons of the exodus of the employees. Nor did she think of a solution. That became one of the big pitfalls of the Tarsan Corporation.

Rachel might have been a successful actress if she continued working in films or TV series. However, as a corporate manger, she was a failure.

Looking back at the list of the companies that her assistant sent her, Rachel prepared to call them one by one and talked about renewing the contracts.

"Hello. Good morning. May I speak to Mr. Zhao, please? This is Rachel Bai from the Tarsan Corporation."

"This is Alan Zhao speaking. Good morning, Ms. Bai. To what honor do I have this call for?" Alan Zhao asked casually.

"We have been partners for several years now. And, within the years of our partnership, we didn't face any major problem. I called you to talk about the contract. I heard you hadn't renewed it yet. Why is this so? I am wondering what's taking you so long."

Alan Zhao laughed and replied, "I know we have a happy and successful partnership. But lately, I heard from a little bird that Tarsan Corporation had problems due to mismanagement. Now, it is losing miserably."

Rachel's face darkened. 'Who the hell is that little bird?! Wait till I get my hands on his pretty neck!' She was now more worried of losing this important client!

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