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   Chapter 1258 I Believe You

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As soon as Melissa uttered those words, she lost consciousness, her head falling into Charles's arms.

Charles' eyes widened in fear. "Mom!" He shouted in a rage and panic. He raised his head and roared as he looked around for help. "Nancy! Where are you? Call an ambulance! Hurry!"

Hearing Charles' panic roar, Sheryl immediately was brought back to her senses. She rushed hastily downstairs. Nancy ran towards them as well. Nancy's eyes widened in shock. For a moment, she was at a loss for words and didn't know what to do.

Nancy's hand covered her mouth as soon as she noticed the blood. She glanced at Sheryl and uttered,"Sher, what..."

Sheryl looked at her back and interrupted her. "Nancy, we need to hurry. Go help Charles get Mom in the car. I will drive."

Without waiting for her response, Sheryl hurriedly ran to the underground garage and drove the car out herself. There was no more time to call the driver, and it would be best and time-saving if she drove. After all, this was an emergency.

As soon as Sherly was able to park the car at the gate, she lowered the window. She saw Charles coming out with his mom in his arms. "Hurry!" Sheryl shouted.

Charles didn't answer and continued to move fast as he could while carrying his mother. Nancy rushed over to open the rear passenger door. Charles laid Melissa in the back seat and secured her with a seatbelt. He adjusted the height before closing the door.

Sheryl's eyebrows furrowed as she looked at Charles who was still standing outside of the car. "Aren't you coming?" she asked.

Charles raised his head and stared at her deeply as if he was deep in thought. Not long after, he went over towards the driver's side without saying anything.

Sheryl looked at him in doubt and confusion.

Before she could say anything, Charles said coldly,"Get out."

"What?" Sheryl asked, not knowing what he meant by that. Did he want to drive to the hospital himself?

Charles just stared at her coldly, making Sheryl get out of the car in a hurry. As soon as Sheryl was out, Charles took the driver's seat and closed the door in front of her. Sheryl ran towards the passenger seat, but before she could get in, the car started all of a sudden, leaving her frozen in her spot.

The car almost ran over Sheryl's foot. One move forward would have flattened her foot entirely. Because of the sudden start, Sheryl moved one step back immediately to avoid the car and could do nothing but watch the car speeding away from her.

In a flash, the car was out of her sight.

Sheryl stood frozen in her spot. She didn't know how to feel anymore. All she could think about was the expression in Charles' eyes before he got in the car. She remembered how coldly he looked at her; it was like a sharp spear piercing her heart.

Her heart started to break into pieces as the look of Charles before he left was stuck in her mind. She couldn't believe that the look could go from flirtatious and loving to deadly in less than an hour. She felt her body start to tremble unconsciously. She raised her head and closed her eyes to take in the shine of the sun on her body, but no matter how she stayed put, embracing the sun, she still couldn't seem to feel the

Holley, was still in jail, while Rachel seldom showed up, and nobody, not even one of them, knew about her whereabouts.

Because of that, the business of the company was at a standstill, and the company only operated depending on only several orders without even any stability and consistency.

Some of the top managers in the company were connected with the head-hunting companies in secret and wanted to find a new job, because they started to feel uncertain about this company.

However, this day, Rachel was in the company, and nobody expected her to come. She caught the workers who gathered lazily around a table and chatted as if they were having a tea party. Rachel looked at her watch, even though she knew that it was still work hours.

The pestilential atmosphere in the company irritated Rachel, making her lose her temper immediately regardless of her grace for the first time.

She crossed her arms above her chest. They still hadn't noticed her come in, which made her all the more annoyed. "All of you don't need to work, right? I guess, it was my fault for hiring a bunch of losers to chat here. Directors of every department, note the names of these saboteurs. Dock their one day's wages."

Hearing Rachel's voice, everyone turned to her with wide eyes. After listening to what she had said, the office that was full of chatter now was filled with dead silence. After a long while, the manager of the Executive Department, Marcelo Wang, saw everyone's mute look of appeal and bit the bullet to plead,"Ms. Bai, please. It is everyone's fault, and in behalf, I apologize. I promise it will never happen again." Marcelo Wang swallowed a lump in his throat and wiped away the sweat that soaked his forehead because of his nervousness.

He lowered his head in embarrassment and continued,"I hope that you, Ms. Bai, can forgive them. It is difficult to make a living nowadays. They have families to raise and work hard for. Can you please let this one time pass and not dock their wages? Just this once."

All others looked at him as if he was a hero, but as for Marcelo Wang, he didn't dare raise his head to look at Rachel.

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