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   Chapter 1256 Cut to the Chase

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Looking at this man with a mature appearance, but behaving like a green young boy, Rachel couldn't help giggling in her mind.

She didn't know why, but her lightheartedness at the moment didn't stop there and suddenly she burst out laughing. Her friendly laughter quickly dissipated the embarrassment gnawing between them.

"Thank you for saying that. I'm glad. Nice to meet you, too," Rachel responded, slightly lowering her head. She felt a bit shy as she unconsciously combed her beautiful hair with her hands.

Bernard's heart did a quick double flip as he continued admiring her enticing beauty.

He mentally admonished himself, realizing that he was almost caught gazing steadily at her. Before everything turned awkward again, they both decided to order coffee and snacks and started their conversation in a business-like manner.

"The truth is, Holley got involved in this homicide case of Lance, the CEO of Silver Corporation. But she was wronged indeed."

Rachel cut to the chase. "We are suspecting that Lance's wife is the real murderer and the mastermind."

She paused for a moment gathering all her thoughts, then she continued, "But we haven't collected any conclusive evidence yet. So I'd like to ask you to do us a favor to investigate Lance's wife."

Rachel felt a little nervous. She could tell Bernard was shocked by his facial expressions. She was totally apprehensive whether he would turn down this challenging and complicated mission or not.

"Of course, if you find out the truth, the payment will be a generous one. I can pay you the deposit first."

"The payment doesn't matter. I would like to do that for you, but is there any aspect that needs extra attention? Any time required for the investigation?" he replied calmly.

"As soon as possible. Never leave any chance for her to notice what we are doing," Rachel reminded him.

Later on, Rachel filled him in some useful information about Miranda. After reaching a consensus over the formal issue, they both gradually felt relaxed.

Rachel was conscious of the fact that Bernard couldn't help staring at her, but once they made eye contact, his eyes would dodge subconsciously.

She found his reaction kind of cute, and that triggered her interest a lot. Even though she knew as crystal clear that Bernard was into her, she just pretended to be not aware at all.

This was one of those times that a sense of frustration came to her like an invited guest. Majority of males like Bernard had a cr

it was a wise choice to work on Miranda's lover. Something unexpected might come out.

On the other hand, when Sheryl and Charles arrived home, they both noticed Nancy was looking around at the front gate.

"Nancy," Sheryl called. Sheryl knew that Nancy was frightened and still scared.

"Thank God you are home. Well, how is Leila?" Nancy asked. Speaking of which, Nancy saw Charles coming out of the car as well, and was surprised. "Charles, why are you coming back so early?"

She knew Charles was abroad and had to return until next week.

"There are some incidents at home, so I need to come back and fix them," Charles explained.

She nodded, but suddenly changed her face and wondered if the issue Charles mentioned was the case of Leila being poisoned.

Since she had been expelled from Dream Garden last time, she had a rough time living outside. But she was lucky enough to be rescued by Sheryl and return here. As a result, she swore to God that she would do some good deeds, and no longer meddle in other people's affairs.

But this time, she had no idea why she ended up like this. In all honesty, she didn't do anything wrong, yet she still was in trouble.

"Charles, I..." Nancy insisted on saying something else but was interrupted by Charles.

"Nancy, I know what you are going to say. I have my own way to fix it. Please just go and prepare for dinner." Charles rejected her by saying this.

Hearing this, Nancy began to feel increasingly upset instead. However, when she looked at Sheryl, she was nodding towards her with a smile.

She then felt better. Being a little settled, she heaved a sigh and headed to the kitchen.

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