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   Chapter 1254 Done

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Because of the disclosure of some secret information, their bosses had already figured out that Sheryl must have something to do with Leila's poisoning. Their bosses were also informed that once Leila regained her consciousness, she would cooperate with the following actions. As such, the impact of the accident was purposely maximized. It started as a spark, but was fueled into a huge fire.

Sheryl noticed that no one actually showed any interest in talking to her. She had no way to play the same trick again, so she just sat on a bench nearby quietly. Obviously, there was no use attempting it again.

Right at this moment, a tall figure approached from the other end of the corridor.

It was Charles. He had started looking for Sheryl as soon as he reached the hospital. After learning that Leila was in the emergency room, he wasted no time rushing there.

From afar, he could see Sheryl sitting alone on the bench. He could recognize her familiar figure anywhere. Seeing her sitting all by herself, he couldn't help but feel heart-broken.

"Sher!" Charles called out.

Hearing his familiar voice, she initially thought she must be hearing things. 'I must be daydreaming right now. How could he possibly be here?' Sheryl thought to herself.

Letting out a doleful laugh, she shook her head, sorrow clearly visible on her face. How she wished to have Charles by her side right now! Then, she wouldn't feel so lonely. At least, she would have a shoulder to lean on.

"Sher!" he called out again, after walking closer.

Upon hearing his voice again, Sheryl stood up abruptly, turning her head. She watched in disbelief as the man walked closer and closer.

'It really is Charles. But why is he here?' Sheryl wondered.

"Sher!" When Charles finally got close enough to her, he scooped the woman into his arms. For the third time, he called out her name, softly and affectionately this time.

"Charles!" Sheryl hugged back tightly, tears welling up in her eyes.

She had been holding back her emotions for too long. With Charles by her side, there was no way that she could hold onto the tears any longer. It had been such an awful day for her. Charles was like a beacon of hope in the sheer darkness. Finally, she had someone to rely on. All she wanted to do was hide in his arms and vent all her emotions.

However, as much as she wanted to do so, she couldn't. There were stil

leave right now. It'll be like nothing happened…"

After ending the call, Charles happily slid his phone back into his pocket. Turning around, he walked towards Sheryl without taking even a glance back at the reporters.

"Done." Charles beamed at Sheryl.

The lady was pleasantly surprised. 'He fixed it so easily, ' Sheryl thought to herself in awe.

In no time at all, the reporters who had been watching her were gone. To be more precise, they had fled as if Charles were a monster.

Sheryl was amazed by Charles' power. He had made a few simple phone calls and now the annoying followers were gone.

"Don't give me that admiring look," he said, smiling. Suddenly, Charles winked and gestured to below his belt. "I've been missing you a lot."

Sheryl was stunned for a brief moment, but then became bashful. To ease her embarrassment, she punched his chest with her small fist.

How could this man say something so blatantly sexual in the hospital…

"Let's go." Abruptly, Charles started walking with Sheryl in his arms.

"Go? But…" Sheryl was confused. Leila was still in a coma, how could she just leave?

"I'll have someone stay here with Leila. Don't worry. I bet you're exhausted. Let's go back and rest." Prompting her gently, Charles kissed her nose.

"Well… Okay then." Sheryl suddenly remembered that her children would be home from school by now. She had to go back home to check on them, or else she wouldn't stop worrying about them.

The answer was rather satisfying for Charles. With a huge grin, he accompanied Sheryl towards the main gate of the hospital.

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