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   Chapter 1253 Struggle With The Press

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Back in the hospital, Leila was still under the emergency treatment. The light outside of the operating room was still on.

Sheryl paced back and forth, feeling the panic rise inside of her, but she managed to stay calm still.

She looked over behind her and saw there were still a few journalists lingering by the door with their eyes opened wide ready for any new update.

The newsmen didn't dare cause a scene. Moments ago, there were more than two handfuls of press waiting outside, but now there were only one or two workers of each journal or newspaper office left, waiting to get the latest report on this situation.

Sheryl understood them. They were only doing their own jobs and only fulfilling their own tasks to make a living, but she hoped more that they would leave at once and give her the respect and privacy she and Leila deserved. They felt like bombs ticking, ready to explode at any time.

Although they were behaved right now, for sure, once the doctors were out to give the details of Leila's situation, they would create a commotion to get the information first, so that they could publish first. Sheryl did not want that to happen, so she had to find a solution to make the press leave as soon as possible.

'What should I do?' she asked herself, still pacing back and forth.

Two hours passed and still, she had nothing. She tried her best to think and figure out a way. Suddenly, as if a lightbulb flashed on top of her head, she thought of an idea.

'They like it best to drag up hot gossip about the stars.' She didn't know if the information in her mind could attract their attention, but it was still worth a try.

As she thought about the words she was going to say, Sheryl slowly took her cellphone out and pretended to answer a call. With a loud and audible voice enough for the press nearby to hear, she said, "Hello? Rachel? How come you thought of calling me?" Sheryl paused, pretending as if the caller on the other end of the phone was talking.

"Wait, what? You are having dinner with Steve? My God, is he Steve Pei? The one who won the award of Best Actor this year?"

As Sheryl spoke, she started to notice that several of the journalists perked their ears and couldn't help but listen in on the conversation carefully. By the time they heard Steve Pei's name, their eyes opened wider as if they just heard something juicy, and they became anxious to hear more of the details, walking nearer towards Sheryl.

Sheryl saw their restless action out of the corner of her eye, but she stood and showed her back towards the press, pretending that she didn't see them, and continued to pretend to chat with Rachel on the phone.

"Really? You and Steve are good friends? And that you often see each other? Oh my God, is there something

trouble. After all, she is on a date with Steve and doesn't really appreciate people disturbing them right now," Sheryl said and stressed with a serious look on her face.

"We understand, Mrs. Lu. Please, stop keeping us in suspense."

"They're having dinner in Sandesy Restaurant, but later, they will go to the West Theater to watch a play. You have to hurry if you want to catch up on them. Anyway, you may find them in either of these two places."

All of them heard it clearly and got excited to the point that they didn't even bother to thank Sheryl.

They just immediately grabbed their stuff and left. Besides, the first publishing office who got to have an interview with Steve Pei would win. As long as there was a man taking the lead in this group, most people followed and went away.

Sheryl was relieved to see them all flee and planned to put her phone back in her purse, but she stopped as soon as she noticed that there was still a handful of journalists who stayed and didn't even make a move to leave.

At this point, Sheryl was not in the mood anymore to keep continuing her act and talk to herself on the phone. She put her cell phone away and walked towards the five journalists.

Sheryl stopped in front of them and eyed them carefully before looking at them with such bitter irony and said, "How silly of you to remain here, not tracing the tracks of Steve!"

Unexpectedly, the five of them just glanced at Sheryl without any expression on their face and continued to stand there, taking Sheryl's words as bullshit.

Sheryl frowned and tried to remove the disappointment on her face. She didn't know that these people were just under orders to stay and wait. Regardless whether they would get any useful information in the end, they looked like it would be difficult for Sheryl to shoo them away until Leila woke up.

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