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   Chapter 1246 Am I Not Allowed

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After dropping off her kids at school, Sheryl came back to Dream Garden. Before she could step out of her car, she saw another car following behind her in her rear-view mirror. When she took a closer look, she saw that it was Leila's car.

To signal that she needed a place to park, Leila rolled down her window and whistled. The sharp, obnoxious noise took Sheryl by surprise.

"Who does she think she is?" murmured Sheryl, irritated by the woman's entrance.

"Does she think this is her house?" "Mrs. Lu…" The driver tilted his head toward Sheryl.

Though he just called her name, Sheryl knew what the driver meant—he wanted to know whether or not they were going to make room for Leila to park. Since they were in the only spot left for parking, the driver couldn't make the decision on his own. Silent and tight-lipped for a while, Sheryl finally nodded her head slightly to the driver. Originally, Sheryl didn't intend to do Leila any favors, but since she didn't have to head out that day, she could let her car stay in the underground garage earlier than usual.

With Sheryl's permission, the driver quickly restarted the car and parked it in the underground garage.

Without hesitation, Leila drove forward to take Sheryl's place. When the car door sprang open, a pair of long, slim legs stretched out from inside the car before a delicate face wearing black sunglasses poked out as well.

The woman was dressed rather glamorously—her black skirt perfectly highlighted her body's curves and her top's neckline exposed her sexy collarbones that were decorated with a shiny blue-emerald neckless. Clearly, she had put effort into her appearance before arriving. Although she had indeed fulfilled that purpose, Leila ignored the idea that as a woman, the most charming way for her to show her beauty was to look delicate and vulnerable. Her rather brash entrance spoiled that sense of beauty.

Disgusted at the sight, Sheryl turned around and walked into the house.

Behind her back, Leila stared at her coldly as she bit her lips.

The deep grudge she had against Sheryl was stronger than ever. Inside her heart, Leila screamed, 'Every time I see this bitch, all I want to do is skin her and feed her bones and flesh to the dogs. If it weren't for that bitch, I wouldn't have stayed in prison for so long! She's the one who made me waste my most wonderful years in that goddamn hellhole! It's all her fault! I'll never forget!"

At the thought, resentment and hatred filled Leila's chest in an instant. The emotions almost made her completely lose control of herself.

When she came back to her senses, Leila followed Sheryl into the house. In the dining hall, Melissa was watching the clock, waiting for their arrival.

"Sher!" Nancy called out to her as soon a

she was supposed to share with Leila in private. She always appreciated Leila and regarded her as her daughter-in-law. Of course, it was her dream for Leila to end up as Charles' wife, so that the latter could take care of both herself and her son. In front of Sheryl, Melissa knew that it was better to watch her tongue for the time being.

Suddenly, she turned to look at Sheryl and Nancy. "What are you doing? Don't you see that we are having a guest? Go and make tea for Leila!" she ordered.

"Yes, Mrs. Lu." Lowering her head, Nancy headed for the kitchen just as was ordered.

Melissa gave Sheryl an unhappy look. "You go help her. I want to be alone with Leila. It's private, you're not allowed to listen."

'Not allowed?'

Sheryl couldn't believe what she just heard.

'I am Charles' wife! Your daughter-in-law! How can you treat me like a stranger in front of an outsider? Do you have any idea of the awful things she has done to this family?' As Sheryl thought to herself, she had to hold back the tears welling in her eyes.

'You'll never accept me. Why don't you just kick me out of this house? If that's the case, I wouldn't be here to stand in the way of your little moment with Leila. Why did you ask me to stay this morning?

You said I was the hostess of the family this morning. Yet you are now treating me as an outsider. In your eyes, I'm nothing!'

As she recalled how happily and eagerly Melissa received Leila earlier, Sheryl's heart sank. Never had she seen Melissa show her anything close to that.

After shooing Sheryl away, Melissa simply turned back to Leila to share in another embrace—the sight made Sheryl despair. Without a word, Sheryl froze as she wore a dull, indifferent look. In her heart, she told herself, 'This will be the last time she'll ever hurt me.' With a deep breath, she calmed down at last.

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