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   Chapter 1244 I Didn't Mean It

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As Miranda examined Lance from head to toe, her gaze seemed to pierce through him. After a long pause, she merely snorted, "Is that so? I received an interesting video. Do you know what I'm talking about?" As she spoke, her eyes were full of shame and fury.

Her words make Lance's heart jolt. 'Did she find the sex tape? God…Rachel is a difficult woman. I already had the media ignore her but she still managed to cause me this much trouble by giving the video to my wife, ' he thought with a deep frown. At this point, Lance felt much regret. 'Had I found out her true colors earlier, I wouldn't have even fooled around with her. Now I'm in this shithole.

The first thing I have to do is get Miranda's forgiveness…' he planned.

"Honey, look, it was my fault. We businessmen sometimes have to pretend to flirt with these women on certain occasions. Someone must have gotten me drunk and set me up during my client meeting. You have to believe me," he explained, acting innocent.

In dangerous silence, Miranda merely stared at the look on his face, only feeling disgusted. As she recalled the satisfied expressions and aggressive advances he displayed in the video, fury grew in her heart. She was impatient to pick apart his lies.

"Do you think I'm an idiot? Do you think I'm still an 18-year-old, na?ve, foolish girl? We've been married for years. I know what kind of person you are. Had I known you were a cheater and a coward back then, I wouldn't have married you. Where do you think you'd be if it weren't for me? You're nobody!" she harshly scolded, glaring at him with contempt in her eyes. In her anger, she touched his sore spot.

"Shut up!" Letting his rage get the better of him, he swung his arm wide and slapped her across the face.

His wife's remark was like a sharp knife that pierced through him, leaving him nothing more than a deflated balloon. It was true—before he married her, he was an ordinary, poor man, and it was a fact that he deeply hated to admit. The anger began to consume him.

"Who the hell do you think you are? I succeeded with my own efforts. You're in no position to judge me. Do you hear me?" he cursed, pointing to her face.

"You bastard! You…you hit me! How dare you!" Miranda cried out, shooting daggers at him with her bloodthirsty eyes. Since she was used to Lance's compliant attitude toward her, his slap completely enrag

her hair. Without sparing her husband a glance, she straightened her clothes and walked out of the office with a poised expression as if nothing strange happened in the office.

When Holley and Rachel were on their floor, Miranda hid in a corner near Lance's office to watch the two women enter the room. Just as they were about to push the door open, Miranda headed straight to the safety exit and rushed down the stairs.

While she hurried downstairs, she called up one of her most trusted subordinates who worked as Lance's employee to have him delete all the security footage from Lance's office and fabricate the video. A mere few minutes later, Miranda was notified that the task was completed and she sighed heavily in relief.

When she was out of the building, she drove back to the villa.

'Lance must be upset because his wife found the video. That's why he agreed to see us.

When we tried to see him before, he would always find some kind of excuse to turn us away. Looks like our tactic worked, ' Holley and Rachel guessed.

Instead of knocking on the door, Rachel just pushed the door open and stepped into the office. "Hello, Mr. Zhan!"

Rachel greeted him as Holley followed her inside. Without receiving a response, the two saw Lance seated in his armchair with his eyes closed.

'Did he really doze off?' Rachel wondered. When she looked at Holley, they shared a confused expression.

'Should we wait here or come back another day?' Rachel wasn't sure what to do.

After a moment, the two retreated to the door, intending to wait for the CEO to wake up.

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