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   Chapter 1243 Miranda Was Irritated

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"Ms. Bai, I do want to bring Sheryl down. But I have no choice but to give up on our plan. We're in serious trouble. Charles is doing all he can to trouble Tarsan Corporation. I'm merely an employee. I don't have much power. If you can't do anything about it, then what on earth could I do?" Holley said.

"Holley, don't talk nonsense. Didn't you say you had found a way to show Lance's wife the video? Can you do that? Is the person who will deliver the video for us reliable? Since Lance doesn't care about our corporation, we don't need to keep walking on eggshells around him," said Rachel sternly.

As she clenched her phone with uneasiness, she could feel her hands starting to sweat. At that point, she wasn't so sure whether or not Holley was still under her control.

"Of course. Don't worry, Ms. Bai, I already told you. My guy is reliable. This time, I'll execute the plan step by step and I won't allow any accidents to happen. I'm looking forward to seeing how Lance's wife will react…It will definitely be something unforgettable for Lance," Holley replied confidently on the phone.

Hearing the firmness in Holley's tone, Rachel felt rather relieved and her heart rate seemed to slow down.

Still, as she thought of Lance's and Chuck's mercilessness, Rachel couldn't help but clench her teeth out of hatred. 'Lance has pulled all he's capable of to stop me from exposing the video. I have to respond appropriately. This can only be a win for Tarsan Corporation…Lance and the others will be in trouble. Holley and I can then seize the opportunity to make more development plans for the company.'

"Holley, remember your words. I will believe in you again. I hope you won't let me down this time!"

"Ms. Bai, you can rest assured that this time, I'll complete the task without any problems." Holley's promise sounded firm and confident.

After talking to Rachel, Holley immediately dialed Bernard's number.

The call was picked up on the first ring. "Hi Bernard. It's Holley. Please proceed with the plan as discussed. No matter how you do it, show Lance's wife the video as soon as possible. When the pl

she headed for Lance's office, but the receptionist stopped her. Seeing Miranda's proud demeanor, the receptionist was worried she had offended someone powerful, but she dutifully asked her if she had an appointment set to see the CEO.

Distraught, Miranda reprimanded, "Don't you know who I am? How dare you stop me and ask for proof of my appointment! I hold half of the equity stake in this company. Look at me carefully. I'm Mr. Zhan's wife. Are you telling me that I need to make an appointment if I want to see my husband?" After telling the receptionist off, Miranda went straight to the elevator before the girl could even react.

Worried that she made a huge mistake, the receptionist hurriedly called Lance at his office to let him know that his wife had just arrived.

As soon as Lance hung up the phone, Miranda opened the door and entered his office. Not having enough time to analyze Miranda's purpose, Lance immediately put on a welcoming smile and walked over to her so he could hold her hand. "What brings you here? Don't you hang around with your friends today?"

"Why? Can't I come to your office to surprise you? Is there anything that you want to hide from me here?" Miranda's tone was undoubtedly sarcastic.

"No…Of course not. I'm sorry… you must be tired since it's quite hot outside." From Miranda's impatient demeanor and sarcastic tone, Lance's confusion about her visit only grew.

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