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   Chapter 1242 Did She Take Me For An Idiot

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8112

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At the hospital

Cassie sat in her office taking a break. Suddenly she got a call from Gamora, who told her that she was coming over to see a doctor.

Suspecting that her collegue friend might set her up again like the day before, Cassie lied to her, telling her that she wasn't on duty and that she should go to a different hospital.

She hung up the phone hastily and soon forgot about the call. But what she didn't expect was that Gamora appeared at her office within half an hour.

Cassie was frightened at the sight of her; Gamora wore a pair of black sunglasses that covered half her face as well as a black mask. Cassie didn't recognize her until Gamora called out her name.

'Only poplular celebrities dress that way to avoid being followed by the fanatic fans. Gamora isn't a star. Why is she dressed like that?' she wondered.

Cassie was still lost in thought when Gamora pulled her to a corner where nobody could bother them. Making sure that they were alone, Gamora took off her sunglasses and her mask, revealing her face to Cassie.

'Oh my God!' Cassie almost screamed when she saw Gamora's face, but remembering that she was at the hospital, she quickly slapped her hand over her mouth.

"What...what happened to you?" Cassie asked, pointing at Gamora's face.

Her friend's face, once pretty and delicate, was swollen. Her big eyes were also swollen, looking like she had been beat up.

Suddenly, Cassie understood why her friend was dressed the way she was. 'If I were in her shoes, I would do the same as she did. People would stare at her if she hadn't disguised herself that way, ' she thought to herself.

She had been boiling with anger at Shawn's and Quill's insulting remarks and actions and at Gamora's setting her up, but now, when she saw her friend's face, some of her anger sizzled off. Now she was worried about her friend.

"Cassie, please help me!" Gamora pleaded, looking at Cassie with tearful eyes. She took a hold of Cassie's hand.

At her friend's request, Cassie thought of her job. 'I am a nurse and my job is to help the patient. She is a patient, and she is crying and asking me for help. If I refused to help her, I would not be a qualified nurse.'

Cassie sighed, rose from her seat and got the medical kit. As she went back to her injured friend, she started to take care of the bruises on her face.

Gamora hissed the moment Cassie touched her face with the al

me last year.

It looks like she has no one else to help her out. Otherwise I wouldn't be her last hope and she wouldn't be calling me. I can't push this stupid woman too hard. She is still useful to me, ' she brooded.

Holley waited another minute, and when her phone stopped ringing, she strolled over to her table in no rush, and then picked up her phone to unlock it.

The very next second, her phone rang again like she expected.

This time Holley wasn't in a hurry to pick up the phone as well. Her phone kept buzzing, and after several minutes, she answered the phone as if she had foreseen that Rachel had run out of her patience and would end the call the next minute.

"Hello, is this Ms. Bai calling? I'm flattered. What can I do for you?" Holley said as if she was talking about the weather.

Anger fermented within Rachel as she sensed the sarcastic tone in Holley's voice. Considering that she was in a helpless situation, plus she needed her help, she suppressed her fury.

"Holley, I know you always want to put Sheryl down. Last time, we had an arguement, so you stopped your plan. Don't you think it was a pity to put your plan aside? Without my help, you can't win over Sheryl. Now we're in the same boat. If I lost everything, it wouldn't be good for you," Rachel said matter-of-factly. Even though she was calling to turn to Holley for help, she still stressed how important the role she played in the game to defeat Sheryl.

Her remark made Holley sneer inwardly. 'Rachel is out of options, but she still put on airs in front of me. Does she take me for an idiot? It's so funny.'

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