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   Chapter 1241 Don't Act Tough

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'If Charles did whatever Melissa asked of him, then all my efforts to please this old woman would not be in vain. But as far as I've observed, he does not just blindly obey her.

If Charles finds out that I set Sheryl up with his mother, I might be unable to get back to Shining Company. I don't think Melissa could help me with that, ' she brooded, distressed.

As she thought it over, Leila was at a loss and didn't know whether she should work with Melissa in framing Sheryl.

"I haven't washed up yet. You know what? I was so thrilled that I was up the whole night. As long as I can teach that bitch an unforgettable lesson, I don't mind staying up and getting wrinkles on my face," Melissa said in high spirits. She entered the bathroom while she spoke to Leila on the phone. As she walked up to the mirror, she was stunned. She touched the corner of her eyes and abruptly screamed, "Oh my God, Leila! I got new wrinkles around my eyes. What should I do?"

When Leila heard her scream, she smiled defiantly. 'A genuinely elegant woman would never scream like that, ' she thought to herself and sneered.

"Oh, Aunt Melissa, you must be kidding. You're young and beautiful. I don't think you would get wrinkles. You must be seeing things because you didn't sleep all that well last night," Leila attempted to flatter Melissa.

The older woman gently touched the harsh lines around her eyes and asked skeptically, "Is that so?" She sighed and went on, "You know what? For women my age, wrinkles are the worst enemy. Oh, never mind. Focus on driving. I'll talk to you later."

Melissa carried on saying some things and then reluctantly hung up the phone.

Leila dropped the phone onto the passenger seat. Her red lips curled into a contemptuous smile.

'She is nothing but an old, pathetic ex-convict. She doesn't even have a husband or a boyfriend. Why is she so concerned about looking good?'

At Eton Kindergarten

Clark held his sister's hand and obediently greeted his teachers at the gate of the school.

Sheryl waved at her lovely children with a smile. All of a sudden, Clark trotted over to her and motioned for her to bend down. She did as she was asked. He whispered in her ear, "Mom, if Grandma is still upset when you get home, please just ignore her."


idn't. He had a good time."

"I see. Did he say anything?" Nick continued. He was slightly surprised at how Wilson reportedly behaved the previous night. 'I agreed to meet Wilson but failed to keep my word. He is a grumpy man. He was supposed to be upset with me. But what's going on?' he thought.

"Here is the thing. I got several hot call girls to serve Wilson, and he enjoyed their company. Perhaps he had too much fun with them and hasn't gotten up yet," Bob explained. The assistant shook his head when he recalled the scene at the bar the previous night.

He hadn't expected that Wilson, the president of Amtel Company, was a lecherous man. 'When Wilson caught sight of the beautiful women at the bar, he automatically flirted with them. It was like a reflex. I don't know how he runs his company so well, ' Bob thought.

Of course, he didn't share his thoughts with his boss.

Bob's explanation set Nick's mind at ease. After thinking for a while, Nick said, "I'll make an appointment with Wilson for the contract signing this afternoon. I was worried that we might have lost the deal. Well done, Bob. Expect your bonus this month."

The assistant was overjoyed at what his boss just said. With a big smile on his face, Bob said, "Thank you, Mr. Ge. I was just doing my job. I will work even harder."

"I'm looking forward to an even better work performance from you," Nick encouraged.

Upon hearing this good news, he forgot all about calling Isla. Wasting no time, he buried himself in work once more.

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