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   Chapter 1239 Household Bliss

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Upon hearing Cassie's words, Nick thought she was just making too big of a fuss. All he did was cut himself while preparing food in the kitchen—was it necessary to be so concerned? However, seeing the worried expression on her face and considering what she had done for him, Nick felt warmth surge through him.

Without saying anything, he merely ended up nodding.

After dealing with his wound, Cassie suddenly realized that she was acting like she was taking care of her beloved. The thought made redness creep into her cheeks.

Of course, she was used to fulfilling a nurse's duty at the hospital—it was second nature to her to look after the wounded. The difference was that this time, she was facing a certain Prince Charming. Such a situation required far more attention and caution.

The continuous sound of boiling water broke the silent tension between them. Both were taken by surprise when they realized the noodles were ready.

As Nick was about to attend to the food, Cassie stopped him. "Why don't you just sit down and rest? I'll go take care of it."

Quickening her pace, she practically sprinted to the kitchen.

As she continued the breakfast preparations, she was so focused on moving skillfully and proficiently that she didn't even notice that Nick stood by the door, watching her every move.

After the noodles were readied, Cassie split everything into two sets and prepared the table.

In front of them were meals of tasty sparerib tomato soup with fresh noodles and a layer of green onions sprinkled tastefully over them to complete the delicious cuisine.

Appreciating the dish in front of him, Nick never thought that he had the talent for cooking. Surprisingly, he made the simple noodles taste spectacular. As he ate, he guessed that Cassie added in some special flavor that elevated the dish.

After finishing the noodles, Nick made sure to drink the soup, licking his lips to further relish the flavor.

"Hah!" When Cassie saw him behave like a glutton, she couldn't help but laugh.

Hearing her chuckle, Nick realized how awkward he had just behaved. Suddenly, his cheeks turned as red as the tomato soup.

"Well… I just don't

to normal. Before he turned around, he took one last glimpse at Cassie and was satisfied.

Maybe another time, when he saw Cassie on the street or some other place, he would greet her with a smile. But that was all. He wouldn't do anything else.

Meanwhile, it was a lovely, sunny day outside and the breeze was fresh and clean.

Leaving behind yesterday's unpleasant memory, Sheryl quickly got up from her bed. Going about the usual morning routine, she woke up the kids and got them ready for school.

The previous night, Clark felt rather uncomfortable and slept early to drive the feeling away. When morning came, he recovered and seemed no different from usual.

"Clark, are you still feeling dizzy?" Sheryl checked him with concern.

Shaking his head, he gave his mother a reassuring reply. "I was just dizzy, Mom. I'm fine now that I've slept. Please don't worry."

After glancing at his sister, he turned back to Sheryl and asked, "Shirley told me that Grandma scolded you last night."

A combination of feelings began bubbling up inside her at his words. Never would have she imagined that Shirley would tell Clark about what happened. Last night, Sheryl had hoped that she could spare her son all the drama if he went to bed earlier. Unlike his peers, Clark had always been incredibly considerate and mature for his age, but Sheryl didn't want her son to become too familiar with the dark side of humanity at such a young age.

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