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   Chapter 1237 You Should Be Ashamed

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The night was peaceful, but the same couldn't be said for the people in Dream Garden.

Although it was late and the city was quiet, the people in Dream Garden were still wide awake. The lights were still on and there were signs of activity.

Arrogant, Melissa sat in the living room. Anger burned in her fiery eyes.

On the other hand, Sheryl stood beside her and held Shirley's hand. Sheryl looked serious, and a frown replaced her usual happy face. She tried hard to hide the unease she felt.

Silence hung like a thick curtain in the living room. However, Shirley couldn't stay quiet any longer. She anxiously glanced at Melissa, fear evident in her eyes. Then she turned to Sheryl and asked, "Mom, is Grandma angry with me because I broke her antique vase?"

Sheryl felt her daughter's trembling hand as she held it and couldn't help but squeeze it a little tighter. She got down on one knee and reassured her, "No, Shirley. Grandma is not angry at you. She doesn't blame you, but that antique vase was grandma's favorite thing. She is not in a good mood because you accidentally broke it. So Shirley, go and say sorry to your grandma."

Shirley fearfully looked at Melissa again and stood closer to her mother. "Mom, I'm scared," she said and shook her little head.

"She is your grandma. You have nothing to be afraid about, my child," Sheryl said. Although Sheryl reassured her daughter, she still felt a bit worried about her. She patted Shirley's head and encouraged her to apologize.

However, she knew what Shirley was actually afraid about.

After she made Clark and Shirley return to Dream Garden, they lived there peacefully. Then Melissa got out of prison and came back to Dream Garden. She was nice to her grandchildren at first. She cared about them and was happy to be with them. But as time passed, since Melissa didn't like Sheryl, she also became less fond of her two grandchildren.

Melissa couldn't criticize Clark since he was a boy and the only heir to Shining Company. On the contrary, Melissa was never nice to Shirley. Shirley was not so mature as Clark. Or maybe, she was just a girl and unimportant to Melissa, so Melissa didn't need to care about her feelings.

Sheryl couldn't change Melissa's views. She herself wasn't on good terms with Melissa, so she couldn't force her children to get close to their grandma who didn't like them either.

However, that night, Shirley accidentally broke Melissa's favorite antique vase. Shirley was so scared that she cried loudly. After Melissa went to her and saw what happened, she couldn't stop scolding the little girl. Shirley was afraid of her words.

Suddenly, Melissa turned to Shirley with hatred in her eyes. "Shirley, this is your mistake. You should reflect on what you have done. Shouldn't I criticize you? Aren't you educated to be so rude and ungrateful like this?" she said. Then she added, "What would you like others to think

hard time, the older woman would eventually stop. Melissa could say anything she wanted and Sheryl just needed to say that she got it, then she was good to go.

This night, however, Sheryl didn't intend to do the same. She realized that she didn't get any respect at all because she always endured everything and kept a low profile. She always took a step back every time Melissa criticized her because she thought it would protect the relationship between Melissa and Charles. But, things didn't turn out the way she expected.

Melissa took her gestures for weakness instead of kindness. She became more pompous and stared to torment everyone in the house, including Clark and Shirley. She even started to show her wicked attitude and acted viciously in front of her grandchildren. She showed her anger to everyone without caring for anyone's feelings.

Therefore, Sheryl couldn't stand her anymore. She refused to be under her any longer.

The sounds in the living room seemed to drown in Sheryl's ears as she remained silent. "Have you heard what I said? It is useless for you to sit there like a dead body," Melissa said loudly. When she saw that Sheryl still didn't respond, she became angrier.

Finally, Sheryl smiled and said, "Mother, I've heard what you had said. May I say something now?"

Melissa's smug face smirked once again. "What do you want to say? You should be too ashamed to say anything at all," she said and glared at Sheryl with displeasure. Even then, Sheryl still wasn't angry at all.

"After I moved to Dream Garden with my children, our lives were peaceful and harmonious," she calmly stated. "And after you got out of prison and moved in to Dream Garden, I treated you as if you were my own mother. I know that you think I'm not good enough for your son because of some reasons. But after all this time, I can honestly say that I have never done anything wrong to you. Didn't that reduce your hatred towards me?"

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