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   Chapter 1235 A Thoughtful Friend

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It was dark, but the dazzling diamonds scattered in the heavens still managed to make the sky bright. The quietness of the night was deafening. The street looked bare and empty.

Nick's car turned right as he slowly drove his way through the gate into a block of flats. Its headlights beamed straight onto the trash bin far ahead where a sleeping cat remained unmoved.

He switched the engine off and checked the girl in his passenger seat. Getting out of the car, he headed towards the elevator door as he held Cassie in his arms. Her weight didn't even strain his arms, and surely he could carry her all night. His apartment was on the 19th floor. Carrying the unconscious young woman, he walked passed the janitor's room.

Such a scene was immediately noticed by the security guard on duty. Then an embarrassing conversation began.

The security guy knew that Nick had always lived alone. So he was extremely surprised when he caught sight of Nick at the point. The guy still had his mouth wide open and stared at Nick suspiciously when he passed by. Nick could already read what he was thinking just by looking at the guard's face.

In his daily life, Nick was known as a modest and polite young man. Every time he happened to see the guard, Nick would greet him with a smile. He always left a good impression on the old fellow. But at this moment, he didn't know what to tell him so he felt at a loss. He didn't want the guard to think bad of him, so he stopped at last. Getting himself settled down a little, he greeted him, "Good evening!"

The guard, still frozen, took a while before he recovered from his shock, and then quickly replied with a smile, "Good evening, Mr. Ge." He stared at the young woman in his arms. After a pause, he asked, "Who is…" But he decided to stop in mid-sentence as he now stared at Nick with his questioning eyes. Clearly, he was waiting for an answer.

Nick was confused at his expression. He gave him a blank look.

Seeing his clueless face, the guard pointed at the young woman lying in his arms. "Is she…okay?" he asked in a low voice.

Nick couldn't help but curl up his lips when he heard this. He thought to himself, 'Why does he have to speak in such a tone? Does he think that I will do bad things to Cassie?'

Despite the guard's simple question, his tone of voice and inquisitive look told Nick that what he really meant was "Why are you carrying an unconscious young woman at this hour? What will you do to her tonight?"

In order to not be misunderstood, nor to cause any trouble, Nick explained at once, "Oh, she is my friend. She drank too much tonight. I don't know where she lives, so I have to bring her home. She will be fine. Thanks for your concern."

Knowing that Nick had always been an honest man, the guard trusted what he had said was true. He then gave Nick a nodding smile as he teased him, "Mr. Ge is a very kind and decent man, as I always know. This girl is so lucky to have a thoughtful friend like you."

Nick felt relieved and decided not to comment any further. He smiled back, awkwardly, and then turned to the elevator.

The guard shrugged as he watched Nick walk towards the e

sie felt nothing but rather thirsty. She was unaware where she was. Her mind was in such a mess that she didn't even know who the man in front of her right now was.

Without any second thoughts, she grasped the man's hand and guided him to let the water flow into her mouth. Nick was surprised but he held onto the glass as Cassie gulped it in. When she was done, she licked her pink lips, a pleased look shown on her face. She felt much better and couldn't help but let out a gasp of relief.

Her voice sounded so soft and full of satisfaction. Nick felt mellow with such a tempting sound, and he started to feel a strong stir in him. Again, he knew he was about to lose control of himself.

Quickly, he shook his head to force himself to stop such thoughts. He put aside the glass and carefully put Cassie back to the bed.

"Nick?" Cassie gripped him on his arm and looked at him, as he was about to turn and leave. Her hand held onto his arm firmly, but her eyes was clearly in a mist.

Nick turned back and looked at her again.

From her touch, he could feel her ardent heart. He could feel each of her fingers pressing hard on his skin.

She tried hard to wave her forceless hand before his eyes, and murmured, "Is it really you, Nick? Didn't you just leave? Didn't you leave me alone in this room? Why did you come back?"

Her voice became lower and lower, until it turned into a sad tone. Gradually, tears started to well up in her eyes, as if she was about to cry. Her heart felt heavy. She felt so weak and lonely. At the moment, she realized that she needed Nick more than ever.

She felt so anxious. She wanted Nick by her side at all cost. She reached out the other hand to touch the man's face. Slowly, she moved it from his eyebrows down to his nose, tracing each feature, and then stopped on his thin lips.

Cassie's soft touch left Nick kind of itchy, as she slowly ran her fingers on his face. It was torture. Nick could feel sensations burning inside him again. When she finally stopped, Nick felt much relieved and let out a sigh. However, he didn't expect what was coming soon.

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