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   Chapter 1234 Malicious Woman

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Pointing at him, the leader commanded, "Arrest him! Take him to the police station. We will interrogate him there." Several policemen nodded and walked towards Shawn's direction. They grabbed his hands and yanked them behind his back. The policemen cuffed his hands tightly, making them turn blue. They pushed Shawn forward and forced him to walk out of the room with them.

Quill attempted to stop the policemen from taking Shawn away and shouted, "He is innocent. He didn't do anything wrong!" The police had no mercy and took Quill as well.

Everyone that was in the room with them became frightened when they saw the two men getting arrested and fled immediately.

When they left, Cassie stood up from the sofa and let out a sigh of relief.

Shawn forcefully embraced her and urged her to drink more wine. He threatened her that if she didn't drink, he would kill Nick. Cassie didn't like alcohol and she knew very well that it made her do things that she regretted later on. She was in a dangerous position and she couldn't do anything about it. Cassie had no choice but to keep drinking, Shawn just kept handing her glass after glass. She began to feel discomfort and her head started turning.

Cassie was unaware of how the police arrived here or who tipped them off. Right now that didn't matter to her. she was just grateful that her virginity was still in tack. If the police hadn't arrived, Shawn would have taken advantage of her. She would have been too drunk to defend herself.

"Cassie!" A woman called out her name in anger from behind her.

Cassie turned around to find herself staring right at Gamora, whose eyebrows were arched.

"Gamora? What's wrong with you? Why are you so angry?" Gamora was once her classmate in college and that they were pretty close. After what happened today, she could never trust her again. She put her in harm's way and from this day on, Cassie would never accept an invitation from her ever again.

Cassie realized that money meant more to Gamora than years of friendship.

Gamora responded in anger, "Did you call the police?"

Amazed, Cassie chuckled and said in a sarcastic tone, "Oh, do you think I called the police?"

She gave Gamora a bitter smile and said, "You knew I was in danger and you did nothing about it. You invited me here for your own selfish needs, didn't you? This was your plan all along. You sold me to those men, like I meant nothing to you. You were just using me to flirt with them and give them what they wanted, so they could give you what you want. Am I right?"

Gamora remained silent,

as in sound sleep now and couldn't easily be woken up. She was vulnerable and any man could easily abduct her.

Nick stood and thought about all the options, but he couldn't even come up with one. Finally, he took his phone out of his pocket and dialed Bob's phone number.

"Bob, I have to leave for an urgent matter. I need you to talk business with Wilson. Remember to try your best to make him happy."

Bob responded frantically, "But Mr. Zhang keeps asking me where you are. I am afraid he..."

Before Bob could finish, Nick interrupted, "I know, It's all my fault. I will personally go to Wilson and apologize. Please just help me deal with him right now, I have an urgent matter to attend to. Thank you." Nick hung up just as he finished talking.

Cassie was still sleeping in Nick's embrace when the loud noise from the phone slightly woke her. She waved her hands to defend herself and accidentally slapped Nick in his cheek.

Startled by her unexpected behavior, Nick chuckled.

Lowering his head, he looked at the woman in his arms and continued walking to his car.

At the same time, Bob hung up the phone in the other room and prepared what he was going to say to Wilson.

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath. As soon as he was ready to face him, Bob turned around and walked toward Wilson.

Two slender women came to accompany Wilson. They were tall and had a blanket of makeup on. Bob couldn't help but notice Wilson exploring their bodies with his hands.

Seeing the whole scene unravel, Bob realized that Wilson was too distracted by the attractive woman and didn't tell him about Nick as yet. Instead, he stood silently, waiting for Wilson to finish fumbling them with his hands.

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