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   Chapter 1233 Call The Police

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Updated: 2019-07-10 00:02

"Apologize to Shawn, or we'll kick your ass."

"Hurry up! If you do what Shawn asked of you, we'll let you go." The crowd started to urge Nick to make an apology.

Looking slightly embarrassed, Nick fixed his eyes on Cassie, but to his dismay, she turned her face away to avoid meeting his gaze.

"I'm sorry for my rude behaviors. I mistook her for someone else. I thought she was my friend." Nick humbly apologized to Shawn, though he felt frustrated inside.

Shawn regarded him as nothing but a clown. Looking away from him, he let out a cold and scornful laugh.

Nick cast a glance at Cassie, but she turned her head away again. Battling with the surge of disappointment that was gripping him, he silently headed straight to the door.

As soon as Nick exited the booth, the people inside started to drink and talk again as if nothing had happened.

"Well, it turns out you're interested in me. So, why did you refuse my invitation? It must hurt. Let me have a look," Shawn coaxed. He wanted to caress her face, which was slightly bruising up.

Cassie carefully stepped backward, dodging his touch. Staring at him, she pleaded, "I'm begging you. Please let me go. I need to leave."

"Leave? Where are you going? Are you going to find that man? If that's the case, I can ask my men to bring him back. I'd like to know who he is," Shawn snorted as he was beckoning the other guys with a wave of his hand.

Cassie flew into a panic when she heard his words. She moved a step closer and clung to his arm. With a rattled expression, she implored, "Please don't. I don't know that guy."

"That's my good girl." With an evil grin on his face, he touched her cheek as he said, "You're such a nice girl. I will reward you."

He draped his arm around her shoulder and escorted her to the corner of the booth, pinching her waist from time to time.

Cassie gnawed on her lower lip helplessly. She was enduring the unpleasant feelings of being taken advantage of by a disgusting man.

She could still see Nick not far away from where she was when she discreetly looked at the door. 'I can't displease this man, or else Nick will be taken here.

What if they beat him up? He can't be hurt. He hasn't fully recovere

a sudden, his eyes settled on a girl, who was in Shawn's arms in a corner. Without wasting time on Quill, he went towards Shawn and stopped in front of him. "You get up," he instructed.

With his arm around her shoulder, Shawn was forcing Cassie to drink. Hearing the demand from the police officer, he let go of Cassie and rose from his seat reluctantly. Annoyed, he threw Quill a glance with contempt.

'He is such a loser. He can't even handle these officers.

Looks like I have to solve this, ' he thought.

"Sir, my father is Rock Li, the president of Crown Group. Who are you?" Shawn began. He revealed his identity as a threat in anticipation to make the leader take his men to leave. He didn't think the police officer would dare to displease him after knowing who his father was.

To his astonishment, the leader's face didn't show any hint of surprise. Instead, he pointed at Shawn and then at Cassie as he asked, "Who is this woman?"

"My girlfriend," Shawn replied calmly.

"No, he is lying. I don't even know him," Cassie cried out. She knew that the only one who could help her out was those impartial officers.

All she wanted was to get out of there without being raped.

The leader shifted his gaze from Cassie to Shawn. After a brief pause, he prodded, "Do you know this girl?"

"Sir, I told you we're friends. Why do you keep asking? Do you know that my father..." The leader gripped his wrist, not giving him a chance to finish his sentence.

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