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   Chapter 1231 Gamora's Invitation

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"Hello, Cassie. What are you up to now?" The female voice on the other end of the line belonged to Gamora Jiang, Cassie's college classmate.

"Oh, Gamora, it's you! It's been a while. I'm here at home. So, how are you, and what made you think of me today? Is there something you want to say to me?" Cassie rattled off.

"I just wanted to say that I missed you so much. So, you're at home. You must be free then. Would you like to come out and join us? Let's have some fun!" Gamora Jiang replied. She was happy to hear her friend's voice and excited to invite her over.

But Cassie was hesitant. After a while, she asked curiously, "Have what kind of fun? Where are you now?"

There was laughter in Gamora Jiang's voice as she said, "You'll know once you agree to join us. Come on! Let me send you the location. You must come!" Her friend was persistent, and Cassie felt tempted. But before she could ask any more questions, she heard Gamora Jiang hang up.

The abrupt end to their conversation made Cassie more curious. In answer, her phone vibrated, and a WeChat message flashed on the screen.

She opened the message, which indicated Gamora Jiang's location. Her friend was in Seven Nights.

The name was familiar to Cassie. Seven Nights was a famous Karaoke bar in the city. During their college days, Cassie used to have Karaoke nights with her classmates regularly. But she had only been to Seven Nights once, although that visit left her with a lasting impression. With all its equipment and decorations high-end, everything offered in the place was not cheap. So, she never had another chance to go back to the place.

"When did Gamora start going to bars like that, spending that much money?" Cassie asked herself. 'Ah, I remember someone said she was dating a rich man. That must be why she's able to spend that much money, ' Cassie thought.

Thinking about Gamora Jiang's invitation, she suddenly realized something. She was single now, and it wouldn't be appropriate for her to go there alone.

While Cassie was deciding whether to go or not, her phone vibrated again.

There was another message from Gamora Jiang. This time, it was a short video showing how she was having a good time at the bar.

The place was packed. There were happy boys and girls, wearing make-up and colorful clothes, singing and dancing crazily.

As she continued to watch the video, the angle of the shot shifted, and the next scene that came onscreen had Cassie dropping her mouth open. On a large table, bottles of wine were piled high, forming a pyramid.

As soon as Cassie caught sight of a figure passing by on the screen, her eyes froze, and her pupils dilated.

"Hold on... That figure. I'd recognize that figure anywhere! It's Nick. It must be him!"

She couldn't believe her eyes. At first, she had doubts and thought it was only an illusion. Perhaps, she thought it was him because she missed the guy so much recently. To make sure, Cassie played b

ge friend standing on the doorway. She quickly got to her feet and walked to greet Cassie. With her grip on Cassie's arm, Gamora Jiang tried to drag Cassie into their box.

"Gamora, I came here to..." Before she could even finish her words, Gamora Jiang had plunked her down into a seat.

Quickly, she made introductions. "Quill, this is Cassie." She was unapologetic for the interruption, and turned to look at Cassie again before saying, "This is my boyfriend, Quill."

"Since Cassie got here so late, we have to follow rules. It says that we should fine her with a drink, right?" Quill grinned. His quip made Cassie uneasy.

Seated to his left was another man, who kept eyeing Cassie without blinking.

'This girl is so hot. And she's certainly worth the long wait, ' the guy thought to himself.

The man who kept glancing at Cassie was Shawn. Since he first saw her in the photo, he had been impressed and had been looking forward to meeting her in person. Thanks to Quill, he was finally seeing the woman in front of him.

Quill and Shawn were both from well-off families, and they had dated many pretty women. However, it was rare for them to come across a woman like Cassie, who was beautiful and innocent. And not only was Cassie good-looking, she was also a nurse. Being tempted by someone because of their uniform is not uncommon among men. Shawn was already having fantasies of seeing Cassie in her nurse's uniform, then sleeping with himself. It was a breathtaking vision!

He took a deep breath to calm himself down. Shawn was now thinking of a way to make Cassie stay with him tonight. Quill tried to cooperate with his friend and attempted to take Cassie down with drinks.

Cassie helplessly looked at Gamora Jiang. It was not that she didn't drink alcohol, but she disliked being forced to drink. But sober as she was, Cassie wasn't even aware that she was on her way to being snared by Shawn, and that it was a college classmate who set her up!

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