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   Chapter 1230 Contact Holley

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"All people in the business circle don't dare mess with Charles, while in the media circle, Lance is the boss. Since you were a celebrity of Silver Corporation, I am sure you know that." After a pause, Dustin carried on to say, "Now that Lance is the boss in the media circle, it would be a piece of cake for him to cover his box news. You're so stupid. How would you try to put Lance down by releasing the videos to the media?"

Dustin quizzed and then burst into laughter.

"So you're not going to help me, are you?" Rachel asked weakly. She felt her legs turn limp, but she gathered all her strength to keep herself from collapsing.

"Ms. Bai, please leave now. Stop making a fool of yourself here," Dustin returned and then gave another laugh full of contempt. The sheer amount of contempt in his laughter made Rachel feel sick; she could feel her whole face turning color.

However, as upset as she was, she had no choice other than to leave the office as he had commanded.

When she plodded out of the Zhang Group building, it was dusk and the sky was yellow. She started to walk down the street aimlessly like the walking dead, no destination in mind. She just walked. All of a sudden, there was a flash of lightening and thunder rolled; it was the sign of rain.

Since it was the monsoon season, the weather in Y City was unpredictable.

One minute it was fine and the next minute, it would rain cats and dogs. She continued roaming the streets without much concern for the rain, almost as if she didn't notice it, and because she didn't have an umbrella, her clothes got soaked.

Even so, she didn't want to seek shelter or walk any faster; she just wanted and needed to calm down. Irritated and humiliated as she was, she couldn't do anything to take revenge.

'If Holley had been around, she might have given me some advice. But I kicked her out of my company. Who else can help me?' she thought.

The moment she thought of Holley, her eyes flashed with hope. 'Perhaps Holley can help me out. Didn't she say that she had a plan? Although I don't know what her plan is

was the general of the business department, and he was usually responsible for dealing with clients.

Nick hesitated. 'No. Now that Wilson wants to talk to me, I have to go. It's a big deal. If I ask them to discuss with him, we might lose this deal, ' he pondered.

"When is the appointment, Bob?" he asked in a low, thoughtful voice.

At his question, Bob knew what his boss was thinking. As worried as he was about Nick, he couldn't lie to him. "At 2:00 this afternoon," he answered.

"I see. Remind me to attend that appointment. You can leave now," Nick said coolly.

Since he couldn't meddle with his boss's decision, Bob sighed internally, turned, and exited the office.

At Cassie's house

Cassie had the day shift, but one of her colleagues asked her to cover for her, so on this particular day, she was on night shift.

She was lying in the bed attempting to clear up her mind, but it didn't go the way she wanted. Instead, she was in a daze.

In her mind's eye, she saw a slender figure that belonged to a man; he was turning around to face her slowly. He had a thin face and his eyes were stunning.

Out of the blue, Cassie felt her face burning.

She sat up quickly.

'Oh, geez! Why would I think of Nick? Wake up!' she cried.

Burying her face in her hands, she sat on the bed lost in thought. Suddenly her phone rang, pulling her back from her thoughts.

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