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   Chapter 1228 Are You Threatening Me

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"I really have to go to a meeting now. All my colleagues are already waiting for me!" Dustin said impatiently and terminated the call immediately.

He wouldn't want to give Rachel any chance to disturb him. Otherwise, it would cost him a lot of energy to get rid of this trouble.

Rachel still had a lot to say, but the call was cut short.

"Damn it! This fatso! You are too insolent!" Rachel was infuriated, but she couldn't do anything to change the situation.

Luckily, despite Dustin's efforts to avoid her, he didn't tell her any harsh words over the phone. So she thought, maybe she could still have a try.

She had no time to think about it carefully. She had to take actions as soon as possible and tried her best to reduce the loss of Tarsan Corporation.

She dressed herself hastily and left the office with the car keys. Her employees who came for her signature got mute as they saw her cold face.

As Rachel picked up the set of keys on her desk, the girl holding the files in front of her couldn't help but just bow towards her and watch her leave the company without a word.

"Do you think Ms. Bai can find a way to resolve the crisis of the company this time?" As soon as the employees were sure that Rachel had already left the room, they began talking about the bad situation their company was facing.

"It's hard to say. Although Tarsan Corporation is a prosperous enterprise abroad, it can't easily overcome its problem here. As you've known, here in Y City, Charles Lu is the leading figure in business. With great conflict with Charles, how can our company exist in this city?"

"I'm really curious about the reason why our boss set up our company in Y City."

"Oh! I know it!" A man from the next desk who happened to know the reason stood up excitedly and crossed his arms against his chest proudly. His eyes were sparkling as if he held the key to it all.

"Tell us why. We are really curious about it. Actually, the previous city where our company was situated is better than Y City. So why did Ms. Bai choose to return to Y City? Although Y City is her hometown, the scandal and gossip about her have destroyed her fame. If I were her, I would have stayed away from Y City. So why did she insist on coming back?"

"Evidently, she wanted to rebuild her fame or ac

so he could focus on his visitor. As Rachel stepped into his office, the smile on Dustin's face vanished. "Rachel, what brings you here?"

"Mr. Zhang, is that how you welcome me?" she asked in a sweet and alluring voice. With a seductive smile on her face, she slowly stepped towards Dustin. She placed one of her hands on her waist while the other was toying on the pendant of her necklace.

"Rachel, please behave yourself! You know that I'm a serious man. I won't be seduced so easily," he warned her. Dustin was just a common man, so he almost couldn't refrain himself when being seduced by such a beauty like Rachel. But he knew he should resist Rachel's enchantment and bear not having sex with her. Otherwise, he would regret it for the rest of his life.

"Usually, you are serious when you are not in bed. Do I need to remind you of what kind of beast you are in bed? Mr. Zhang, have you forgotten all the amazing and happy time we used to spend together?" Without any other way out, Rachel had to threaten and seduce Dustin this way.

She didn't care whether the way she took was too clumsy or not. She was left with no other choice. So she must use the only card that she had.

"What do you mean by that, Rachel? Are you threatening me?" Dustin asked with a sneer.

"Of course not. I dare not threaten you, Dustin. We've made history together and you know for a fact that you will forever hold a place in my heart. So please don't get me wrong. The only reason why I came here today is to rebuild our relationship!"

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