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   Chapter 1227 Out of The Hospital

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Inside the car, Bob turned around to look at his boss. Catching his attention from the corner of his eye, he saw the shadow of a figure lingering behind the car for a while.

Looking at his boss, Bob was about to inform him about the person behind their car. However, he didn't and only managed to glance at his boss with a worried look on his face. What he was concerned about most was his Nick's health condition. Regardless of the fact that the doctor had cleared him to leave the hospital, he still remained worried.

"Mr. Ge, given that you've just been released from the hospital, I will drive you home immediately. I don't think that now is the right time to discuss work," Bob said with a frown. He felt extremely anxious, as he didn't know whether his boss would listen to him or not.

"That's fine, thank you. Bob, please drive me home." Nick understood exactly what Bob was worried about and nodded with a smile.

Nick's words put Bobs' mind at ease.

Bob drove the car at a steady speed, as he was still worried about Nick's condition.

After driving for an hour, they finally reached Nick's house.

Dropping Nick off at his house, Bob reminded Nick to call him whenever he needed assistance.

Nick felt sorry for Bob, as he had to work over time in the past days. Hence, he asked him to return to work and get off work on time.

When Bob left, Nick was sitting alone in the living room.

His mind was full and he was very upset.

He continued to think about everything that happened, particularly about the incident when he risked his life to complete his project and fulfill his dream. He sat down, acknowledging his stupidity for a while.

If there was one thing he learned from his mistakes, however, it was that he had to cherish his time spent alive and healthy more than before. His health was his top priority.

His wandering thoughts were interrupted by the ringing sound of his phone. Looking at the caller ID, he saw that it was Sheryl calling.

Nick picked up the phone. An intrigued smile appeared on


"Hello, Mr. Zhang. It's Rachel..." Rachel felt disgusted talking to Dustin.

"Rachel? Rachel who?" At first, Dustin didn't realize who he was speaking to, but after a few minutes, he recalled who she was. "Oh, well hello, Ms. Bai. How can I help you?"

Even though Dustin addressed her as Ms. Bai, he despised her. It was perfectly well known that Charles had declared a war against Tarsan Corporation. At this point, even Lance was hiding from Rachel.

'No one wants to mess with Charles Lu, ' Dustin thought.

"Mr. Zhan, I have something to talk to you. I'd like to invite you to dinner. We haven't met for a long time." Rachel knew that this could be her last chance to save her company. That was why she acted humbly toward him.

"Dinner? I'm sorry, but I really don't have time. Ms. Bai, if you don't have any other business to discuss, I am hanging up. I have to attend a meeting now." Dustin didn't want to be connected with Rachel, which was why he wanted to end the call.

However, since Tarsan Corporation was a massive company, he didn't want to ruin their relationship either. Besides, perhaps one day, Zhang Group could make use of Tarsan Corporation. That was when Rachel managed to succeed.

"Wait. Hang on for a second, Mr. Zhang. I really do have something important to tell you." Rachel wasn't about to let him hang up the phone.

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