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   Chapter 1224 The Corporation Revived

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"Enough, Rachel Bai! Don't pretend to be innocent anymore. I know you don't love me—you just use me as a tool for your vengeance. Take it easy, now. I haven't wronged you. I hope you understand that I won't spare you the moment you try to threaten me." On a high from his revenge being achieved, Lance seemed excited as he spoke.

From his tone, Rachel couldn't find any sign of his wife knowing about their affair.

"Well, Mr. Zhan, seems like you don't work with me anymore. Are you not afraid that I will release those photos and videos?" Realizing that sweet words would no longer work on him, Rachel let her real self surface.

"Ha! You think I didn't know about your little ploy? If you had any common sense, you'd know I wouldn't be talking to you like this if I thought you still had something over me," Lance said as he grinned. In his eyes, Rachel was far too young and naive to be any real threat.

"What are you saying?" Living up to Lance's expectations, Rachel was left shocked by his mocking. It was a hard blow to her—if he refused to help her any longer, she would have no way to push through with her plan.

"It's simple. What you have in your hands right now isn't a threat to me at all. Rachel Bai…you're really not cute. If you had been with me wholeheartedly, I wouldn't even hesitate to help you. But all this time, you've only cared for Charles Lu. Since it's him you're in love with, why are you asking me for help?"

Compared to the sweet words she was used to hearing from him, his current words were truly harsh to her ears, like a knife stabbing her in the back.

"Fine. Since you couldn't care less about this now, we can end this conversation. You want me to publish your secrets so you can grow even more famous, don't you? I'll do it as you will, then," probed Rachel. With the way he acted, Rachel assumed that Lance actually wanted her to give him those things and his harsh words were just to keep up his carefree attitude.

If Lance was truly concerned about it, though, he wouldn'

or a couple of days, Nick finally realized her feelings for him. Even so, he couldn't promise to marry her and he worried that what she held in her heart for him would soon turn to pain.

Lying in bed with his eyes closed, Nick couldn't fall asleep with all the thoughts running through his head. Right when the program was about to succeed, he fell ill and had to put all of his work on pause.

Although Bob had taken part in the program, he hadn't taken on important tasks, leaving him unfamiliar with the important details. Since he couldn't leave the rest of the work to Bob, Nick's only choice was to deal with the program himself after getting discharged.

Ever the workaholic, Nick was already carefully going through all the things he had to prepare for in his mind. For each task, he had a clear plan about how to operate and what kind of resources he required. Mentally listing down all the things he needed brought a smile to his face and finally, he fell asleep.

His dream was an image of himself standing on a huge stage, ready to accept an award. Finally, his program was completed—it won him the biggest prize in his field. Winning the award merited him several entrepreneurs who invested in his program while the government provided abundant funding for him as well.

With that, his corporation was revived beyond expectations.

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