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   Chapter 1223 You're Not Helping

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"What are you talking about, Aunt Melissa? It wasn't your son's fault. Sheryl is the one to blame. If she hadn't made up stories to set me up, he wouldn't have treated me that way. He was fooled by Sheryl!" Leila said.

"You're right, Leila. Would you like to return to work at Shining Company?" Melissa echoed immediately. She had forgotten that Leila didn't have a job. However, since Leila brought it up, it dawned on her that Leila could work at Charles' company. That way, Leila would get more chances to be near her son.

Although she wasn't sure whether Charles would agree to this, she was willing to give it a shot for his future happiness.

In fact, it wasn't a big deal. The worst result would be Charles refusing her request.

Hearing Melissa's question, Leila knew her wish would be fulfilled soon. And she needed to act well in front of Charles' mother. Fixing a pitiful look on her face, Leila wanted to arouse Melissa's sympathy so that she would go to great lengths to talk her son into offering her a job. "Really, Aunt Melissa? Do you think I could work at Shining Company again?" Leila gushed, her eyes sparkling as she took hold of Melissa's hand.

"You have no idea how much I want to go back to work there. I was just afraid that Mr. Lu wouldn't hire me, so I..."

"Don't worry, I'll take care of this. I'll persuade Charles to offer you a position. Rest assured," Melissa declared firmly.

"Thank you, Aunt Melissa. You're the best," Leila said calmly, trying to contain her excitement.

She immediately started brainstorming ways to win Charles' heart once she started working with him again.

Meanwhile in Tarsan Corporation, Rachel and Holley had serious problems.

No company was willing to work with them. Out of options, Rachel called Lance, but he didn't answer the phone.

"What is Lance thin

r, she wouldn't have returned from abroad.

She had expected Holley to help her, but it turned out that she was wrong.

"Fine. If you don't want to see me, I'll leave," Holley replied nonchalantly. She threw the documents on Rachel's desk before storming out of the office.

Staring at Holley's retreating figure, Rachel got even more upset. Realizing that she could rely on no one else but herself, she drew in a deep breath and resolved to give it one last shot.

Dialling Lance's number with a new caller ID, she thought to herself, 'I want to see if he'll answer the phone now.'

A few seconds later, Lance picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Mr. Zhan, it's Rachel," she replied with joy in her voice, seemingly clutching at straws. "Last time you said..."

"How could you be so shameless, Rachel Bai? I didn't take your call. Isn't that clear enough to you? How dare you keep bugging me? You're so rude, you know that?" Lance shouted in contempt. The harsh tone in his voice made Rachel furious. But since she had to turn to him for help, she couldn't afford to mess around.

"What's going on with you, Mr. Zhan? I'm so sad. How could you be so horrible to me?" she said coquettishly, after composing herself.

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