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   Chapter 1222 Come Over To See Me

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"Aunt Melissa, I'm on my way to Dream Garden. I will be there in five minutes." Leila's polite voice came from the other end of the line. Instantly a smile broke on Melissa's face.

'Leila is such a polite and obedient girl. She is way better than Sheryl. Why did Charles fall in love with a bad woman like Sheryl? If it weren't for her, Charles and I would be much closer with each other, ' Melissa mused angrily.

Leila arrived at Dream Garden soon after Melissa hung up the phone. "I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Aunt Melissa. I was stuck in traffic," Leila apologized with guilt written all over her face.

However, the truth was far from what she said. The reason behind Leila being late was not because of bad traffic. Rather it was because she wanted to avoid meeting Charles. She was aware of how much he hated her, so she waited for him to leave for work before she came to the Dream Garden. Clearly, she had no intention of infuriating him.

Leila knew it very well that being in the good books of Melissa would act as a foundation if she ever wanted to win over Charles' trust once again. Besides, she was waiting for a good chance to change her image in Charles' eyes. And before that day came, she had to avoid him.

For the time being, the only way Leila thought she could please Charles was by keeping Melissa happy. The more Melissa enjoyed her company, the more would she sing her praises in front of Charles, thereby paving the way for her to clear her image in Charles' mind.

Having known Charles for several years, she knew something about him. He was a sentimental man; it was not difficult for her to assume that he cared for his mother and respected her.

Had it not been for Charles' deep love and respect for his mother, he would not have helped Leila get out of prison.

Now that Charles was respectful to his mother, Leila believed that Melissa was an important person in his life. That was why she had decided to suck up to Melissa.

"It's okay. I just got up," Melissa responded with a cordial smile. Now Melissa thought highly of Leila. In her eyes, Leila was a good girl. Besides, she had bought her many clothes, so Melissa didn't mind her being slightly late for their appointment.

"I see. I bet you haven't had breakfast yet. What do you want to eat? I will make it for you," Leila proposed gallantly. Leila was an extremely contriving and shrewd woman. She knew exactly how to make her way back

husband..." Leila's voice trailed off as unpleasant memories flashed back her mind. Ever since she had fallen in love with Charles, she had only experienced the heartbreak of being rejected by him at every point. Besides that, she had only met with sufferings. Even if she shared those bad experiences with Melissa, she wouldn't feel better. So she swallowed what she had almost blurted out.

For each and every moment of misery and despair that Leila had to undergo, she put the blame entirely on Sheryl. She swore to herself that she would make Sheryl pay for what she had done to her.

"Leila, whenever you are free, you come over to see me. I feel so bored staying alone at home. If Sheryl sees you here, she will get angry. I'm really unhappy with that bitch!" Melissa said through gritted teeth.

Leila smiled inwardly as she consented to her request. It was true that she tried to evade Charles, but if Melissa invited her here, she wouldn't be afraid as she knew that he wouldn't hurt her for his mother's sake.

"Okay, Aunt Melissa. I will come by to see you whenever I am free. I don't have a job since I just got released. I stay at home all day. And the boredom is killing me. Even I can get rid of my loneliness if I keep you company," Leila agreed gladly. She just shot another dart by mentioning about her joblessness deliberately in front of Melissa.

'Melissa might not ask Charles to offer a job to me. But what if she does? Then I can work in Charles' company, ' she brooded.

"Oh, I almost forgot that you don't have a job. It is Charles' fault. How about..." And there Melissa stopped and drew a sigh.

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