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   Chapter 1220 Eat Out

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"Don't worry. We still have a lot of time," Charles assured his wife. Looking at Sheryl, he felt contented and happy. He rarely had time to be with her because of their busy schedules, but today would be different.

He started the car and drove for the kindergarten. It was a bright afternoon and a perfect time to spend with his family.

"What would you like to eat for dinner?" Charles inquired while driving.

"I don't know," she replied. "It would be better to ask Clark and Shirley what they want to eat." Since they had kids, they seldom spent time alone. They would usually bring their children along wherever they went. For the couple, as much as their children were a blessing, they could also be an annoyance sometimes.

At this point, Sheryl was basking in the happiness of eating out with their loving kids.

"Fine. It's up to you," Charles nodded, as a visible smile of joy climbed up the corners of his lips. As long as Sheryl was happy, he was okay with it.

"Do you think Mom will get angry if we get home late?" Sheryl couldn't hide the worry in her voice. Whenever she mentioned Melissa, her heart grew heavy. Charles' mother was still hostile to her and wanted to kick her out of the Lu family. However, she couldn't do anything to her.

Melissa was a wound to Sheryl which would never be healed.

"Don't worry about it. It was my idea to take you out for dinner. Just come with me and enjoy the meal. If Mom gets angry, you have me. I will explain to her. Besides, I don't think she will get upset about that. Rest assured," Charles said in a determined tone as if it wasn't a big deal.

In fact, it was common for a family to eat out. But Melissa would not be pleased to see Charles take his wife and children out for a meal without inviting her. What was worse, she would make it appear that Charles had neglected her and then put the blame on Sheryl.

She was good at complicating things. So Sheryl was worried that Melissa would make a big deal out of their eating out.

But since Charles said so, Sheryl thought there was no point in discussing it further. The woman who found amusement on her every downfall was no other than Charles' closest kin after all, his own mother.

Their mother-son relationship made it difficult for Charles to stand by Sheryl.

The fact was,

going to eat?" Shirley asked eagerly.

"We haven't decided yet. Any suggestions?"

"Well, how about we get pizza? I like that," Shirley suggested. Pizza had become her favorite food recently.

"Fine," Sheryl agreed. She was fine with anything as long as her children loved it. Turning her head in Clark's direction, she inquired, "Would you like to eat pizza too?"

"I'm cool with that," Clark immediately replied as he wasn't particular about food.

"Buckle up, guys. Let's go get some pizza!" Charles exclaimed in high spirits. His children giggled from the back seat. He started the engine and felt the overwhelming happiness that he craved the most.

'I'm with my wife and kids. They will get happy or upset because of my remarks. Only married people can know this kind of happiness, ' he thought.

Traffic was moderate but they barely noticed it. The kids had been singing a song they had learned in school the entire trip while he and Sheryl listened with their heads slightly nodding to its beat. It was already dark when the four arrived at the pizza parlor. However, bright neon lights blazed here and there, adding more charm to this sleepless city. Looking at the busy street, Sheryl was lost in her thoughts. She had fallen in love with Charles in this city.

Back then, she thought that things wouldn't work out between them. But it turned out that she was wrong. Her eyes fell on her children, each beaming their innocent and grateful smile at her, and she felt how lucky she was to not have given up on Charles.

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