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   Chapter 1219 A Wedge Between Rachel And Holley

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It didn't matter anymore. Whatever Lance was thinking, whether or not he meant what he said, as long as he could satisfy their needs while he acted in his own self-interest, everything would be fine.

"Fine, then. When I get back to the office, I'll get on it." "Ms. Bai," Holley began to question, "are you sure that Lance will get scared of such a thing? Don't we need a backup plan?"

Just because Rachel didn't value the matter, it didn't mean that Holley didn't either. Especially at this crucial moment, Holley was obviously anxious—it was clear that not even a single mistake could be made if Tarsan Corporation really intended to get out of trouble. A single blunder could lead to an irreversible outcome.

"It'll be fine. First things first—once these materials are exposed, his wife should know immediately. Since he's so afraid of his wife, he'll definitely be cautious." In this case, Rachel was pretty sure of things. When she was still an entertainer at Silver Corporation, the news that Lance was henpecked went viral around the circle like wildfire.

Nevertheless, Lance's wife played a big role in their plan—they had to rely on how much he valued her since she made an indispensable contribution to his current status.

Though, it wasn't because his wife was a successful businesswoman, but because she came from a well-established family. When Silver Corporation was first launched, Lance's father-in-law played a crucial role in handling a wide range of connections.

Even when his father-in-law passed away, the shares his wife possessed were ten percent more than Lance's. In other words, his wife was, in fact, the largest shareholder of the corporation in spite of spending most of her years assisting her husband a

who can't forgive her. She just wants to humiliate me over and over again."

"I know. What about this? Sher, you wait for me and I'll pick you up from work. Then, we can pick up Clark and Shirley from their kindergarten and have dinner together. Okay?" Knowing that Sheryl was under a lot of pressure, he hoped to get her to unwind for a bit.

"Alright." A thought came to Sheryl—the days that the four of them spent together were limited now that they had no excuse to tell Melissa off. Eventually, they would have no choice but to leave.

"Great! Give me a minute. I'm heading for the underground garage. See you at the office soon." It had been a while since the couple could spend some quality time with their kids, so Charles was glad to see Sheryl on the same page.

"See you later." With that, Sheryl hung up the phone.

When Charles arrived at the company, Sheryl was already waiting at the gate. "Why did you step out so early? Isn't it hot outside?" he smiled and asked, rolling down the car window.

"It's hot, but it's almost time for Clark and Shirley to get off school. I'm afraid we'll be late," she said as she got into the car.

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