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   Chapter 1218 A Cunning Old Fox

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Hoping that all he had just said was true, Rachel slowly raised her head and looked into his eyes.

Her expression was fascinating in Lance's view—he couldn't resist beautiful women all the time, after all. Since Rachel had dirt on him, he decided that he had to coax her before he took it away from her. Otherwise, he would always be under her control.

"Rachel, you're so beautiful," said Lance with affection before he lowered his head and kissed her. Instinctively, Rachel wanted to pull away. But for Tarsan Corporation's sake, she had to compromise. Besides, it wasn't the first time that such a thing had happened—she had slept with several other men to get what she wanted. The thought helped her calm herself.

Thinking of it, Rachel closed her eyes and responded warmly to his kiss. She felt his most primitive desire and a thought came to her. How come Charles, as a man, was always so indifferent toward her? While she was locked in the kiss, she wondered if Charles ever had any sexual desire for her, even a small bit.

If Charles was more like the men she used to date, maybe dealing with him wouldn't have been so difficult for her. But then again, if he was no different from other men, Rachel wouldn't love him so much.

In order to get the man she had her eyes set on, she let her youth waste away. Even so, she remained single, without a warm home to welcome her.

With these thoughts in Rachel's head, she felt wronged. As she tightly shut her eyes, she let Lance ravage her. God knew that as Lance had his way with her, in her mind, she was with Charles.

The only thing that could arouse her in that position was imagining she was wit


"I don't need any help except for one thing." As she began to think of something, she glanced at Holley.

"Please continue."

"Do you remember how, when I was together with Lance, you took some photos and videos of us? I want you to send them to me. I can threaten Lance with tham."

"You want to do it because you're afraid of how Lance says one thing but thinks another, don't you?" In fact, Holley knew of Lance's hypocrisy and cunning very well. However, seeing Rachel's self-confident look, she didn't want to upstage her.

All she could do was pretend ignorance. Anyway, in Rachel's mind, when she couldn't do a certain thing, she already looked completely ignorant. It was no problem for her to pretend to be clueless.

"Lance is really a cunning old fox. If I hadn't told him about the pictures and videos just now, he wouldn't help Tarsan Corporation. It was only later when he saw I wasn't giving in that he dared not do anything gutsy. He was afraid because I could make those things public." The analysis was correct.

She knew very well that Lance avoided them at the beginning.

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