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   Chapter 1216 Arrogance

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After uttering those words, Holley went straight to the bathroom to reapply her makeup. There was no one inside when she entered.

"Damn it!" she exclaimed. Staying in the empty bathroom, Holley was able to release her suppressed emotions. Her hatred against Rachel amplified not because she lost her temper without specific reasons, but in fact, she had neither competence nor constructive ideas.

She continued to curse while she paced back and forth. When she finally stopped walking, she hit the mirror heavily as she continued to express her annoyance. Unfortunately, unlike the usual mirrors, this one was strong and solid. The impact of each blow didn't even cause a scratch to its surface, but her hand was incredibly hurt.

"I am fucking done with it! When will it end?" Holley screamed at her reflection in the mirror. She turned on the water tap, and washed her face while cursing.

She could still feel a part of her in heat with rage. She let the water flow and watched it run down the drain. After a long while, she finally calmed down. Holley brought out her makeup, reapplied it slowly, and left quietly once she was done.

Soon after she left, one of the doors in bathroom opened slowly. Lena Li, the receptionist, stepped out. She turned to see that all the other cubicle doors were all slightly open. She heaved a sigh of relief since Holley was not aware of her presence. Otherwise, she must have been dismissed.

She had waited for a while to ensure nobody was around, and then shook her head and walked out of the bathroom. She came to Tarsan Corporation because of its reputation abroad. Never did she imagine what the management had done here. It was totally unbelievable!

'Is it the normal for the president to be dealing with such business? She seems to be a whining woman. Is there any prospect following such a leader?'

Yet she had second thoughts. In fact, she had neither outstanding academic qualifications nor merits. The reason why she was employed was because her beauty caught Duncan's eye and he selected her out of many average candi

ys had also been tough for Lance. In order to avoid Rachel and maintain their relationship, he had to agree with Rachel to come to Silver Corporation, while he hid in his office, full of grievance.

He also wished to go out, but if a common acquaintance saw him and Rachel found out, he would be blocked by Rachel. Therefore, in a bid to shun such great embarrassment, he decided to stay at the office and saved his face.

Considering that he was a big name in Y City, his own reputation might be ruined if the leading businessmen in Y City knew about his affair with Rachel. More importantly, chances were that he could get in trouble when his wife found out!

"Lance, I knew you were here. Can we just sit down and have a small talk?" Looking at Rachel breaking in, Lance was taken by surprise. His cellphone was in a silent mode for the sake of ignoring her calls, hence, he also missed too many significant calls, leading to serious economic losses. He just switched his phone back to the normal mode in order to answer those phone calls.

Unfortunately, luck was on Rachel's side and she found him as soon as his phone started ringing again. Mistake. It was a huge mistake. He saw this coming, but not today.

"Since you are already here, please sit down," he said calmly. He had no choice but to appear extremely busy, paying full attention to the screen in front of him.

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