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   Chapter 1214 Comfortable With The Male Nursing Assistant

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Grabbing Cassie's arm, the nurse was about to say something. Breaking out of the nurse's grip, Cassie ran towards the exit of the hospital.

"There's something I need to do urgently. I have to leave. I will catch up with you later," Cassie shouted loudly as she headed straight for the gate.

Shaking her head at Cassie's retreating figure, the nurse sighed heavily. The nurse determined to figure out what was going on between her and the patient the moment Cassie returned to the hospital.

At the hospital.

Nick was having lunch which his nursing assistant had brought him. The food was really bad. Besides that, he also had no appetite, which only made it worse. He only managed to take a few small bites.

After finishing the meal, he took a long deserving nap. Noticing that the patient dozed off, the nursing assistant left the ward as he thought that he finally had time to take a break.

Over an hour later, he woke up. With nothing to do, he started playing on his phone in bed.

In fact, Nick could get out of bed and walk around on his own. However, since he was still weak, he wouldn't be able to go too far or do physical labor work. That was exactly why he needed a nursing assistant to help him move around and bring him water and food.

Before Nick was admitted to the hospital, he was caught up in his work. Nevertheless, he now felt a little stressed since he had nothing to do.

After he spent some time reading the news on his phone, he put his phone aside and sat up straight. Just as he was about to get out of his bed to take a walk, the door was suddenly pushed open.

Nick didn't look at the door, as he wasn't expecting anyone but his nursing assistant. He quickly said, "I don't need your help right now. You can continue with whatever you were doing."


A familiar and excited female voice graced his ears.

Nick recognized the girl's voice immediately. He was stunned, as he was well aware who it was. He looked towards the door and found Cassie standing there.

At the sight of the girl smiling at him, Nick withdrew his gaze from her face. His eyes then fell on the thermos food jar in her hand.

She walked up to his bed and gently placed the food jar on his bedside table. Without saying a word, she opened it and filled a bowl of chicken soup.

Taken aback, Nick just stared at her. Looking at the thermos food jar, he speculated that there was food inside. He also drew the conclusion that Cass

spend more time with him and ensure that he was okay.

Nick was unhappy with the arrangement. 'I guess this is fine. I mean, it doesn't really matter who takes care of me.

However, I don't want Cassie to be that one, ' he mulled.

He felt baffled and had no idea why he felt so uncomfortable with Cassie taking care of him. He didn't even want to figure it out for himself. 'I have no feelings for her whatsoever and I don't deserve her being so nice to me, ' he told himself.

"Uh, Cassie...I appreciate your kindness, but... It's nothing personal, but I feel more comfortable with a male nursing assistant. So..." Nick came up with a valid excuse to turn down her offer.

Cassie had expected that he would turn her down. With a casual smile, she responded, "I understand. However, there is no male nursing assistant available. I am afraid that you don't have any other choice."

Nick's eyes widened with shock. 'Oh, you have to be kidding me! How could this be? Is it even possible that there isn't any male nursing assistant available to take care of me?' he wondered in disbelief.

Looking at Cassie, he saw an earnest look on her face and started to believe her. After all, it was impossible for him to find a nurse to figure out whether Cassie was lying or not.

He hesitated for a while, his expression showcasing his stress. Out of options, he decided that he had to accept it.

'This will be fine...Unlike last time, I don't have to stay here for too long anyway. I'm sure I can be discharged from the hospital within a couple of days. I can do that, right?' he comforted himself.

He nodded at Cassie in approval.

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