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   Chapter 1212 Afraid of Being Forgotten

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Sheryl caught Nick's eyes. She was dressed in a casual outfit that made her look younger than she really was. In his eyes, she was attractive and beautiful. In fact, it was natural for men to be attracted by her appearance. Nick wasn't any different.

Nick's stare lingered on Sheryl as if his eyes were locked on her bound by some magic spell. Sheryl still didn't notice the obvious affection in Nick's eyes, but a nurse did. Moments ago, she was walking towards them with a bright smile on her face and excited to see Nick again. However, as she was approaching them, she saw how Nick looked at Sheryl. She stopped as disappointment and pain flooded her.

She immediately changed her direction and hid in a corner where they couldn't see her. She stood frozen like a tree as she watched how Nick affectionately looked at Sheryl. She felt her heart start to break inside of her. Her fists clenched as she bit her lower lip in attempt to keep herself from crying. Still, her tears betrayed her, and she couldn't keep watching anymore. The nurse turned and walked away with warm tears flowing down her cheeks and her heart torn into pieces.

Sheryl was still oblivious of Nick's stare; all she felt at that moment was guilt. After Nick told her as to why he was in the hospital, she couldn't help but feel the impulse to lecture him.

Even though it was undeniable how important work was, health was still the foundation of working effectively and should be given utmost priority. Thinking about this made Sheryl's eyebrows furrow into a frown. She turned to Nick and blamed him for ignoring his health. "How many times do we have to remind you to take more rest and keep yourself from stress? Nick, you work too hard. The doctor warned you already, and I believe that Isla and I have done our jobs of reminding you as well, but where did it all go? It just went in one ear and out the other. When will you listen? If you keep working so crazily and rashly, let me tell you, we won't be there to take care of you when you fall ill again." Sheryl crossed her arms. Her voice implied that she was angry. Although she appreciated Nick's dedication and hard work, work still couldn't be finished or done well once health was being neglected. Health was still necessary for long cooperation. Her pretending to be angry was also to show him her attitude when it came to situations like this.

No matter how Sheryl nagged at Nick, it didn't annoy him even the tiniest bit. Instead, he could only feel concern coming from Sheryl, making a thread of warmth flow into his heart.

At that moment, he remembered what his partner did the last time he was hospitalized. His partner ran away with all their money without even leaving him some behind—not even a tiny bit of concern. That was why after that, he had sworn to himself that he would not trust anyone again. He had worked hard and made great contributions to their investments, but what did he get in return?

He got nothing but deception and betrayal, and the feeling of being stupid enough to trust deceivers.

From then on, he had made up his mind that it was much better to deceive and to betray than be the one deceived and betrayed.

It wasn't the first time he had felt being left behind with nothing. He became an orphan at a young age, and never did he enjoyed his childhood. It was full of pain and neglect. If only he had parents, then he would have experienced the feeling of being happy. Then, like a light by the end of a long, dark tunnel, he met Sheryl and Isla. It was the first time he had felt the affection and care that existed only between family members. They were like elder sis

er phone still didn't receive anything from him.

There were also times when she would feel overwhelmed by sadness and disappointment for not seeing him. Maybe they would meet in the hospital. Maybe he would feel ill and go see a doctor, and she would see him again. Whatever the reason was, anything was better than waiting in vain and not getting to see him again.

The nurse even checked his profile from the medical files for his phone number. She had saved the number and tried to dial his number several times to call him, but she couldn't make herself click the call button. Her trembling hands betrayed her, and none of the calls she attempted were ever made. Even though she memorized the number by heart, she still didn't have any guts to call him.

'Why?' She kept asking herself why she couldn't, or why he didn't call her. Her mind was filled with whys and question marks.

However, she knew deep in her heart that the reason she wasn't able to do it was that she wasn't brave enough and confident enough to make the first move.

She was a woman, and she believed that men should be the one who made the first move and who should be the one confessing first. She had a few past relationships with men, and all of them made the first move, so she felt like that begging for a man's love was shameless as a woman.

Moreover, she thought that Nick didn't have any feelings for her and wouldn't love her, because as they spent that night together, there was not even a slightest indication of his affection for her.

He never called her even though she didn't as well. She did not dare to call him, because she felt like it was an absolute disgrace and a loss of dignity as a woman. She would rather drown herself in sadness than be shameless to beg for a man's love.

She thought about how God always made people suffer. However, before she was about to give up entirely after waiting for days in vain, to her surprise, Nick appeared once more in the hospital she was working in. She felt like it was a miracle, and another chance for her to redeem herself.

As soon as she learned from her colleague that Nick was back in the hospital, she was filled with joy and excitement. She started searching for him in every ward and hallway, but as she caught sight of him, her smile dropped. Her heart couldn't help but break into pieces as she watched the man she loved look at someone else the way she looked at him.

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