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   Chapter 1211 Lose Consciousness

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Nick started to lose consciousness. When he thought he might die there, he heard quick footsteps approaching him.

Trying to pull himself together, he blinked his eyes and looked towards the direction of the noise.

It was Nick's assistant Bob Liu. When he had gotten the call from his boss, he hurried out of his house and took a taxi to the company. As soon as he had gotten out of the cab, he ran to the underground parking. As he approached Nick's car, he caught sight of his boss curled up on the floor.

Bob felt sorry for the young man. Yesterday, he had advised Nick to pay attention to his health and get some rest. Yet, his boss clearly hadn't followed his suggestion.

Bob Liu thought back to earlier that day. Before getting off work, he entered Nick's office and asked him whether he needed him to work overtime. His boss told him to go home to spend more time with his wife and child because he had been working extra hours for several days now.

Nick had always been nice to others but strict with himself.

As he thought of that, Bob Liu's nose twitched and tears were built up in his eyes.

"Are you okay, Mr. Ge?" the assistant inquired. He helped the young lad up, opened the door and settled him in the back seat.

"Bob, please take me to the hospital. My stomach really hurts..." Nick's voice trailed off as he continued to pant.

Upon hearing this, the assistant flew into a panic.

Nick had just gone through cardiac surgery, so Bob Liu was immediately concerned when he mentioned having pain. 'Would he get through this?' he thought to himself.

Without saying anything, Bob Liu jumped into the driver's seat and drove out of the underground parking lot.

It was 3 o'clock in the morning when they finally arrived at the hospital.

Stopping the car, Bob Liu opened the car door and helped Nick walk into the hospital.

When a doctor on duty saw the pair, he instructed paramedics to take Nick to the emergency room.

The door closed behind Nick and the paramedics, leaving Bob Liu alone. Fixing his eyes on the door

f Nick.

She had come to buy some medicine for a cold and didn't expect to encounter Nick in the hospital again. 'It has only been a few days since Nick was discharged. Why is he here?' she wondered.

"What's going on with you, Nick?" Sheryl inquired as she paused.

Sensing the surprised look in her eyes, Nick walked up to her with a bright smile and said, "What a coincidence! We meet again."

"What's the matter with you? Are you experiencing side effects from the surgery?" she asked with a worried look.

"No," Nick replied, shaking his head. With a bitter smile, he said honestly, "It's truly all my fault."

"What? What do you mean?" Sheryl asked, more perplexed.

Nick led Sheryl to a stone bench by the edge of the flower bed. After they sat down, Nick fixed his eyes on Sheryl, and began to share what had happened to him.

He had no intention of keeping her in the dark. After all, she had saved his life and he had developed some feelings for her. No matter how deeply he adored her, he knew he had to keep it to himself. It wasn't only because she was married, but he had nothing. He wasn't ready to be in a relationship with anyone.

Since she hadn't been to her office, Sheryl was in her causal attire. Her white T-shirt was tucked into her jeans and her hair was in a high pony-tail, making her look younger, energetic, and very attractive.

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