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   Chapter 1208 Learning The Lesson

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No matter what Holley said at that moment, Rachel would only take it as some excuse—it would have only made her despise Holley even more than she already did.

"Excuse me. We have an appointment with Lance." In spite of the anger she felt, Rachel put on a smile the moment they arrived at the Silver Corporation.

"You must be Ms. Bai. Please proceed to the meeting room. Mr. Zhan will be there any minute now," the young receptionist told her. It was a surprise that she still had to wait because she had already given him a call before they arrived.

"The meeting room? Where is he? How long do we have to wait?" Normally, for every appointment she requested with Lance, he would be the one waiting—he would even cancel his meetings to accommodate her.

Now, he would go so far as to send her to some meeting room as if she was any other associate.

The thought left a bitter taste in Rachel's mouth. What made him change so fast?

Was it because of what happened the night before? Charles ended up blaming her and Holley for Sheryl's suffering and in return, made Lance distance himself from her.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Bai. I'm not sure how soon Mr. Zhan will be available. Please wait patiently." Though the receptionist replied carefully, her tone obviously turned impatient in contrast to how she had originally received Rachel and Holley.

The two had been bending their backs trying to get all the cooperation opportunities in Y City, yet somehow, Charles managed to destroy almost all of them. To make sure their efforts didn't go to waste, Rachel couldn't do anything but endure what she had to, even the receptionist's rude attitude.

In this situation, she was even afraid that Lance would refuse to work with her—prior to heading there, he had refused to answer her call until she used another phone to dial him up. Although he did agree to the meeting, it was with obvious reluctance.

At the moment, Rachel was submitting to quite the humiliation.

Perhaps begging for Charles' forgiveness would be a quick fix for the situation, she thought, but it wasn't the right time to do so yet. The man clearly despised her. It would take a long time before she could get him to consider trusting her

ing was happening between Nick and me. You hadn't even talked to me for days. I almost thought for sure that you were going to leave me and go back to Rachel. I even thought of raising Shirley and Clark alone. You have no idea how scared I was," she complained. Whenever she remembered those days when she and Charles were so distant from each other, it made Sheryl terribly upset—it was too miserable a time, as if her whole world was crashing down.

Immediately, Charles tried to soothe her, "Sher, honey, I would never leave you. It would kill me if I ever lost you. That's why I went straight to you to ask about Nick. I'm so glad that I did. Otherwise, I would've never known about your concerns and our misunderstandings. If you kept suppressing all those negative feelings inside, our relationship would just get worse and worse. I really don't want that to happen."

"Well, I have also learned my lesson. This time, I came to find you," Sheryl smiled tenderly. 'So gentle and understanding…How wonderful the man before me is…' Such thoughts ran through Sheryl's mind. Suddenly, she got a feeling that she owned the most beautiful thing in the whole world. As long as she was with him, nothing else mattered.

It no longer mattered, all those hard times Melissa had given her—she would never again believe it when Melissa tried to convince her that Charles didn't love her. From then on, she promised to use her own heart to feel Charles' love and affection for her.

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