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   Chapter 1207 Endurance

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 9708

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Sheryl summoned all her remaining strength and stared at Leila. "No matter what you say, I will never forgive you. I don't want to see you in this house ever again. Please leave as soon as possible," she demanded. Without waiting for their reaction, she strode towards the door, opened it and stepped out. The moment she slammed the door behind her, she was suddenly hit by a wave of exhaustion. She struggled to move her legs as they felt like they had been replaced by heavy sandbags. Wearily, she dragged her body into her car and drove off.

Melissa's face had grown so dark that it was almost terrifying to look at. She glowered at the door, her hands shaking by her side. She managed to cool herself down after a minute or so and she went towards Leila to gently pat her back. She told her comfortingly, "Leila, just ignore her. She has no right to say those things. Make yourself at home. She's not the queen of the house."

"Thank you Melissa. I know you have my back, but I can't bear to see you and Sheryl fighting because of me," Leila responded charmingly.

"To be frank, I truly dislike Sheryl. Charles deserves much better than her. But she's very manipulative and charming, so Charles has become a whipped husband and listens to her every word. Leila, I need your help. I want you to work with me to kick her out of the house. She is not fit at all to be the mistress of this house. You are so different from her! You're kind and pretty, just the type of girl I want for my Charles. I've always liked you, Leila. I want you to be my daughter-in-law someday. So, what do you say? Will you help me?" Overcome with emotion, Melissa blurted out her true feelings.

Leila was thrilled by Melissa's words. But she chose to lower her head and play coy. She told Melissa shyly, "To be honest, I've had feelings for Charles for quite a long time. But I never tried to pursue him because of Sheryl. Coming here today and seeing you get bullied by her makes me so angry. So I'll accept your offer, Melissa. I'll help you get her out of the house and also fight for my own happiness at the same!"

After dinner, Leila accompanied Melissa to do some shopping. The two walked together hand-in-hand and looked very close. Anybody passing by on the street might even mistake them as mother and daughter. Strolling along the commercial street, Leila drank in the sight of the bright lights and huge crowds. She was suddenly hit by a huge wave of nostalgia. How she had missed the hustle and bustle of large cities! The two entered a clothing shop and Melissa's eyes were immediately drawn to a beautiful dress. Unfortunately the bright color and modern design gave her second thoughts as she feared she would be too old to pull it off. Leila noticed Melissa staring longingly at the dress and immediately knew that she loved it. She told Melissa in her most charming voice, "That dress looks so lovely!

up the phone. Charles' caring side was one of the reasons why she loved him so much.

As Sheryl was on her way to Shining Company, Holley and Rachel were rushing to get to Silver Corporation.

"Holley, I swear I'm not trusting you ever again! Ever since I returned from abroad, you've managed to mess up every single plan. I don't want to work with you anymore!" Rachel grumbled. She still couldn't get over what had happened the day before.

They had felt more like running away in disgrace when they left the Japanese restaurant. Not only did they have to put on a thick face and ignore the other customers' scornful looks, but also they had to face Charles' contempt.

It was a huge blow to Rachel. She couldn't remember the last time she had felt so embarrassed. It felt like an impressive insult.

"Ms. Bai, this time it was really unanticipated. You were there too, and you know we almost succeeded. If Mr. Lu hadn't turned up, things would have been much different. I really had no idea he would appear at the restaurant," Holley tried to defend herself. But she knew that whatever she said wasn't going to make any difference. If everything went on smoothly, she would get rewards from Rachel.

The second things started getting out of hand, it was suddenly her fault. It didn't matter whether it was something she could control or not.

She was hurt and frustrated but was willing to endure Rachel's abuse simply because she was dying to see Sheryl go down.

"Don't give me excuses! Ever since you turned up, it's been nothing but accidents. How can there be so many accidents? Why is Sheryl so lucky? Why do things always go her way? It's not fair!" Rachel screamed. Rachel had come up with a lot of bullshit in the past, but in her eyes, this explanation was the worst yet. It made her blood boil to hear the pathetic words coming from Holley's mouth. They were all just excuses to cover her own incompetence.

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