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   Chapter 1204 Anything else

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8369

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The situation worsened as none of them was ready to admit their misdoing. All they wanted was to see and enjoy the awkwardness of Sheryl and Isla. All the people in the restaurant had stopped eating and gravitated towards the four of them.

Holley slightly nodded at Rachel and she immediately picked up the hint with an easy smile on her face.

Isla walked to the cashier's counter and said to one of the workers, "Excuse me, sir, may I check the real-time monitoring recording, please?"

"I'm sorry, miss. But according to the rules of our company, the surveillance videos are forbidden to be checked," the worker replied politely, bowing himself in front of Isla.

Isla creased her brows upon hearing the reply. However, she maintained her composure and insisted, "Why? I'm not asking for your secret video, I am just asking for the daily ones. I'm sure that they're not your secret videos, so why can't I check it? Could you please give me an answer?" Isla was angry when she heard that she couldn't check any videos, even the daily passenger's videos. However, she knew that she could not lose her temper right now. The priority at the moment was to prove that Holley was responsible for the entire debacle and for that she needed the cooperation of the restaurant staff. Hence she knew that she had to deal with the situation through logic and reasoning.

"I'm very sorry, miss, I have to abide by the company rules. I'll appreciate it if you can respect my work. Thank you," the worker replied in a flat manner and stood in front of Isla with his eyes lowered displaying respect. He posed as if he was helpless and could not fulfill Isla's demands out of the fear of losing his job.

Isla couldn't believe it, and said, "What's gotten into your boss' head? Can he really fire you just because of such a small thing?"

"Hey, what's wrong with you? He told you that you couldn't see the videos, and that's the company's rules. Just let him be, okay?" The crowd around the four of them, who were silent spectators until now, started voicing their opinions. "Why don't you just get out of here? Don't presume that no one knows what happened. We were all present right here. We have seen it all. You can't blame someone like this," came from an unknown face.

"Yeah, it's obvious to see what happened. There's no need for the surveillance video. It's the company leaders who set the rules but not the workers, can you please stop making trouble for him?" another one said.

"Get out of he

a trade secret, so no one but my boss could check them. I can show you the video on how she bribed me." He kept repeating himself. Charles got pissed off when he heard that and he interrupted the worker, "Enough! Show me the videos now! All of them." The worker nodded and said, "Yes, Mr. Lu. Just one second." He stopped talking and got down to his work at once.

The surveillance videos were shown to all the people soon. It was very clear that Rachel and Holley set all that. The entire conversation between them and how Holley tripped Sheryl, even her evil smile was clear in front of everyone.

Moreover, how Holley walked to the cashier to bribe the worker before Sheryl went to ask for the video was clearly recorded.

"Oh, my goodness, look what we have done! We wronged the two girls! Now we know who the real liars are. How foolish of us! How could we believe in those liars?" The people around began to realize that they had made a mistake. And now the abuses and curses turned towards Holley and Rachel.

"How could you do that? How could you blame the others for what they didn't do?"

another lady said pointing at Holley and Rachel.

"We wronged you two. We're sorry for what we said to you just now!" It seemed that they had forgotten how they abused and cursed Sheryl and Isla just a while ago. And now they began to blame Holley the same way.

Holley and Rachel tried to use the mob power to harass Sheryl and Isla. And now the entire situation turned against them. Both of them stood there looking like thieves.

"Holley, is there anything else you want to say?" Isla walked to Holley, stared at her and asked in a low and stern voice.

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