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   Chapter 1202 Get Tripped

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Rachel took a sip of the steaming hot soup and lifted her head from the soup bowl. "Of course I do. Do you have any good idea?" she asked, fixing her eyes on Holley. In regards to Sheryl, Rachel counted on Holley's advice.

Despite the fact that none of Holley's tricks to set Sheryl up had worked till now, she was relentless in her efforts.

Her sole purpose was to make Sheryl leave Charles.

Nothing felt so pleasant to Holley than to see Sheryl suffer. She could go to any length to torment her half-sister.

As Rachel kept staring at Holley, she could see Holley's face turn into a heinous smile. "Yes, I do. Please wait and watch," Holley replied. Her face brightened up as she fixed her gaze at someone who had just entered the restaurant. Her face brimmed with confidence. Rachel did not need any hint to understand that Holey was staring at Sheryl. It was clear that she had come up with a really evil idea. Slowly, a crooked smile appeared on Rachel's face as well.

"I came here before. The food is yummy," Sheryl remarked as she entered the restaurant with Isla. Sheryl remembered coming to this place once with Charles.

"See? I knew you would love this place." Touching her stomach, Isla urged, "Hurry up. I am starving."

Talking and laughing, they quickened their pace. They had spent a whole morning helping Nick deal with all kinds of discharge formalities and pack up his stuff. As a result, they were exhausted and hungry. Focusing on the palatable cuisine they were going to relish, they didn't notice Holley and Rachel sitting at a nearby table.

Holley remained silent and she even gestured for Rachel to be quiet. Rachel nodded and waited for Holley to unfold her plan.

Side by side, Sheryl and Isla strode forward. Slowly, the distance between them and the table where Rachel and Holley were sitting was getting closer.

As Sheryl was about to walk past them, Holley stuck out her right foot under the table to block Sheryl's way swiftly. Neither Sheryl nor Isla had expected that.

Caught off guard, Sheryl tripped and fell to the floor hard. Although the floor was made of wood, the heavy fall almost killed her.

"Ah!" she screeched. Sheryl fell on her side and half of her face hit the floor. For a moment, she got scared that her face might get distorted. She felt a throbbing p

iance," Rachel stammered. Isla maintained her attacking stance at both of them. Suddenly, Rachel could feel her heart trembling. The joy on her face disappeared and fear gripped her mind. With every passing moment in front of Isla's glaring eyes, she could feel that fear grew stronger. She didn't know what was wrong with her. She swallowed once and kept reassuring herself that there was nothing to be scared of. Isla was just threatening them. She wouldn't hurt them. Just in time, Isla spoke again.

"Now that you're not her sidekick, you better hold your tongue if you don't want to get yourself into trouble," Isla continued as she stared at Rachel with threatening eyes.

"Isla Zhao, you have gone too far. The crowd can be my witness. We were eating here. She was too careless to take care of herself. How could you put the blame on me? Do you think we have the superpower to foresee that you would walk past us?" Holley spoke for Rachel as her boss was rendered speechless.

She had to come to Rachel's rescue lest her boss should vent out anger on her after Sheryl and Isla left.

Since she still needed Tarsan Corporation to have her back, she couldn't afford to mess with Rachel.

"Yes. They have been here for a long time. They haven't changed their seats. Before you came, they were at that table. I don't think it's their trick. Perhaps it was just an accident. There is no need to push them so hard. Besides, this pretty girl didn't get seriously injured. Just let it go. Don't be so mean!" A man intervened in their dispute.

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