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   Chapter 1201 What Bad Luck

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The nurse took the phone from Nick, put her phone number and name in it, and then handed it back. "Now you have my name and number. You can call me if you need help."

Looking at his phone, Nick was about to say something, but Isla replied for him, "Rest assured. I'll let him call you."

"Thank you, Isla," the nurse said sweetly, overjoyed by Isla's statement.

"You're welcome. He's very lucky to have your heart," Isla whispered in the girl's ear. Pulling back, Isla flashed the nurse a reassuring smile to show her that she would do everything in her power to unite the couple.

"Thank you, Isla. I'll treat you to a meal sometime," the nurse gushed with a beaming smile.

"Oh, there's no need. If you have time, you can go to Nick's house and cook for him instead," Isla said, winking at the nurse. Stealing a glance at Nick, Isla looked back at the young girl and said, "We should go. Keep in touch."

"Okay. I will," the nurse returned, nodding her head eagerly.

The three got back to Isla's car. When Isla started the engine and drove away, Sheryl, who was in back seat, broke the silence. "It's so good to be young," she sighed.

"Love has nothing to do with age. If you want it, you could have lots of suitors. But you only love Charles and you'll never give another guy a second's worth of attention," Isla teased.

She thought Sheryl had made peace with Charles for it had been a while since they had caught him with Rachel alone at Lavender Bar.

However, Sheryl remained silent. It was true that she wouldn't fall in love with anyone else other than Charles. But she wasn't sure whether if he felt the same way.

Nick's house wasn't far from the hospital and it took Isla less than twenty minutes to drive there. Nick and his colleague had originally rented the condo, but the man now lived there alone.

Back then, Nick had some money so he chose a fully furnished apartment in a well-equipped housing estate with lots of green space. When the three got out of the car and entered Nick's condo, Sheryl and Isla glanced around. It had three rooms and a living h

n't eaten anything since breakfast, ' she thought.

"Oh, I do feel tired. But I have no idea what to eat." After thinking for a while, Holley said with a smile, "Would you like Japanese food? I know one Japanese resturant and the food there is delicious."

"Okay, let's go. Since it's my treat, we'll go wherever you want," Rachel agreed with a smile. She was in high spirits, so she went along with Holley's suggestion with no hesitation.

"Please give me five minutes. I need to touch up my make-up," Holley said.


As it turned out, the Japanese restaurant that Isla had mentioned to Sheryl was the same one that Holley had recommended to Rachel. When Rachel and Holley arrived at the restaurant, Sheryl and Isla were still on their way.

They took a seat and ordered food. As they began having a pleasant chitchat, Holley suddenly caught sight of Sheryl and Isla walking through the door.

"Ms. Bai, look!" Holley said to Rachel under her breath as she pointed towards the entrance.

"Shoot, they're here. How would we run into them during lunchtime?" Rachel whined with a frown at the sight of Sheryl. Her good mood was instantly ruined by her enemy.

"What bad luck! Do you remember how Sheryl bullied us at Tarsan Corporation last time? We finally have our chance. Do you want to get even with her?" When Holley finished speaking, a scheme began brewing in her mind.

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