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   Chapter 1197 Wake Up

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"Hello, Sher," greeted Nick, smiling brightly at the sight of his visitor. Although he was still stuck in bed, he looked much better— the smile on his face was dazzling and radiant. Exuding his usual easygoing yet well-read air, he looked more enchanting than the previous day.

Staring at the handsome patient, Sheryl was engrossed in her thoughts. 'He is an orphan but he's so good looking.'

"I brought you some fruits. What would you like to eat?" asked Sheryl, still in a good mood. Noticing Nick's improved condition and cheery attitude, she felt happy for him.

"Thank you, Sher," he politely responded. Since yesterday, he began calling her "Sher" instead of "Ms. Xia." Clearly, they had gotten more comfortable around each other. "An apple would be nice."

Being called by her first name let Sheryl feel more at ease being around the young man.

"Alright, hold on. I'll peel one for you." With a delightful smile, she granted his request.

As she placed all the stuff on the table, she picked up a big, red apple and took a seat beside the patient. Appreciating the nicely grown apple, she jokingly said, "This apple looks delicious. I also want one."

"How about you peel two? One for you and one for me?"

"Good idea."

After taking two apples, she entered the bathroom in the ward without sparing a glance at the door.

All the while, Melissa stood right outside the ward, eavesdropping on Nick and Sheryl's conversation.

With the door ajar, she peeped in through the crack and saw the young man. 'Even though he's no big celebrity, he's even more handsome than many actors.

Most importantly, he's young and Sheryl just smiled at him, ' she mused.

Melissa hadn't seen Sheryl smile at her son that way in a long t

I can go there now. I'll be back soon," Melissa said curtly. 'Great!' Melissa thought, overjoyed deep down inside.

"Alright," Charles agreed. Of course, Charles had no intention of following her to the restroom; it wasn't his style to wait outside the ladies' room.

Being a good actress, Melissa trotted toward the restroom hurriedly.

When she was out of sight, Charles began scrolling through his phone.

At that moment, a familiar laugh reached his ears from the ward behind him.

"Sher, this is really good, so crisp and sweet. Where did you buy them?"

"I'm glad you like it. Do you really want to know where I got them?"

"Yes, of course. When I leave the hospital, I have to buy some. It's the most delicious apple I've ever had." When Nick was finished with the IV, Sheryl helped him sit up against the headboard while he ate the apple she peeled for him.

Sitting on the sofa opposite Nick, Sheryl was truly happy to see the patient enjoy the fruit. With a slight smile, she said, "The fruit shop is far from here. I got them on my way here from home. If you really love them, I'll buy some and bring them to you when you get discharged."

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