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   Chapter 1194 Worry

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"Oh, really? Are you serious about that? Aren't you afraid that I'll tell Aron?" Isla's reaction amused Sheryl; the former looked like a teenage girl who just hit puberty. 'She looks funnier than that bashful nurse, ' Sheryl thought.

"He won't get jealous. Go ahead and tell him if you want," Isla responded.

"How about Nick? What if you embarrass him?" Sheryl asked her, as she caught a glimpse of the patient lying in the bed.

Realizing that Nick heard their conversation, Isla grinned. "Don't take it too seriously, Nick. It was just a joke," she explained.

Without realizing it, she called the young lad "Nick" instead of ''Mr. Ge." Clearly, she already saw him as a friend.

As introverted as Nick was, he didn't feel awkward after hearing Isla's joking remark. With a friendly expression, he responded, "Thank you for being so good to me, Isla."

A bright smile grew across his face, making him look more enchanting.

His acknowledgment pleased her. Eyes full of adoration, she gazed at the patient and beamed, "Don't worry about anything, Nick. Stay here and rest. Sher and I will help you out."

Merry laughter and conversation filled the ward until the night fell quietly. Considering that Nick wasn't able to take care of himself, Isla proposed that she or Sheryl should stay to watch him in the evening, but the man firmly turned down the offer.

While they argued over it, the nurse entered the ward to check on Nick's condition. As she happened upon their argument, she volunteered to keep close watch over him since she was on duty that night; she even handed him her phone number and asked him to call her if there was anything he needed.

Since the nurse treated him so well, Nick didn't refuse her help. It was eight in the evening when Isla and Sheryl left the ward without any more worries.

"You need to treat me to a meal," Sheryl demanded as she abruptly grabbed Isla's arm. To look after Nick, she had skipped lunch and supper, but she didn't feel the hunger until after she stepped out of the hospital.

However, she didn't want to go

feelings, Sheryl finally said, "Let's go to a western restaurant. I want to eat steak."

"Okay, okay. Let's get going," agreed Isla instantly.

After the two enjoyed full meals, Sheryl bade Isla farewell and drove to Dream Garden. It was nearly midnight when she arrived. Charles had called her several times before she reached the house, but she couldn't take the calls because her phone was dead the whole evening.

The kids were asleep in their room and Melissa wasn't in the living room. It was the first time since Melissa's return that Sheryl found it so quiet in the house.

Soon after, Charles arrived as well, relieved to see Sheryl back at home. With a frown, he said, "You're finally back, Sher. Where have you been?"

'He's in his casual business suit. Did he just arrive home? Or is he going somewhere this late?' wondered Sheryl. Without sparing him another glance, she headed upstairs; the house was so quiet that only her heavy footsteps could be heard. When she was halfway up the stairs, she paused and coldly answered Charles, "I had dinner with Isla."

"Why didn't you tell me? I was so worried about you that I went out to look for you. I even went to your office but you weren't there," he continued. Instead of the reproach Sheryl was expecting from his tone, it was laced with evident concern.

'He went out to look for me?' she thought to herself.

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