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   Chapter 1193 Nursing Assistant

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"Oh, well, I know a person who worked as a nursing assistant for over twenty years. She does a good job at it for she is well experienced, but her rate is a little high. Then again, I think that you won't have a problem getting her paid, will you?" Isla asked tentatively. She knew that Nick didn't have enough money, and she deliberately said those words to see his reaction.

When Nick's reaction didn't change, Isla reached for her phone immediately so as to convince him that she really did know someone and would call that nursing assistant right away. She swiped her screen to unlock her phone and clicked her contacts where she searched for the name of that nursing assistant.

As Isla was scrolling on her phone, Nick cleared his throat and spoke, slightly tensed and embarrassed. "Um, Ms. Zhao, please, don't bother yourself."

Isla shited her eyes from her phone to Nick. Her eyebrows furrowed slightly. "Are you sure? I guarantee that she is experienced and a professional in her field. It usually is hard to make an appointment with her considering the number of people seeking her help, but I know her personally. If I ask her for help, she will immediately postpone off her next appointment and come here to look after you," she continued.

She eyed Nick carefully and would like to see if the young man would confess that he didn't have money to hire a nursing assistant. If he told them the truth, then both of them would be willing to help out.

Nick bit his bottom lip, and after a moment, he agreed reluctantly, "Okay. I trust you. Please, call her." To Isla's surprise, the patient went along with her suggestion, but she kept her surprise to herself, maintaining the relaxed expression on her face.

"Oh, come on, Isla. Don't bother your friend anymore. You can't give her a call just because you know her personally and let her postpone and call off her other appointments. It's not fair to the other clients who had set beforehand, you know," Sheryl interjected, winking at Isla in secret. Even though she knew little about Nick, she knew enough and observed enough to sense that he was a stubborn person.

She could sense that he would rather get himself into trouble than admit that he had no money. At the thought of this, Sheryl started to feel pity on the obstinate young man. She even connected his stubbornness to her own. Then again, at this case, she was fully aware that he was badly in need of their help.

Again, regardless of whe

ook at him. You embarrass him," Isla explained. She pretended to be an indulgent sister and treated Nick as her brother.

She couldn't allow anyone else to make fun of her little brother.

"Hmm, is that so?" the nurse murmured. She turned her eyes to the patient again and commented on how cute and handsome the young man was.

She couldn't take her eyes off Nick's face, and as she stared at him obsessively, her heartbeat started to race.

"It's true. I was wondering if you have a boyfriend. If not, then what do you think of my brother?" Sheryl teased. Looking at the two of them, she thought that they looked perfect for each other.

'Hmm. It would be a good thing if the two could end up being together.

Maybe, I can get them together, ' she wondered.

The nurse's cheeks turned redder than Nick's at Sheryl's question. Without answering, she excused herself and hurriedly walked out of the ward.

As soon as the nurse left, Sheryl and Isla burst into fits of laughter at the bashful nurse.

Isla sighed as soon as the laughter had died down. "Ahh, it's so good to be young. I admire those young and innocent people."

Sheryl scoffed and sniffed at Isla's exaggerated remark. "You sound like you are already an old grandma."

"Well, I may not be a grandma, but I'm definitely not young anymore. I'm married and have a child. How pathetic I get, especially when I meet a cute, young lad," Isla retorted. She didn't hide her emotions anymore. She just loved the feeling being with those who were younger than her, especially with charming lads. Staying and interacting with Nick made her feel the vigor and beauty of youth.

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