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   Chapter 1191 A Heart Attack

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As soon as the ambulance stopped in front of the entrance of the hospital, paramedics rushed to carry and transfer the unconscious young man to a stretcher. Without missing a beat, the patient was pushed towards the emergency room while Sheryl and Isla followed behind. The doctor kept shouting "Excuse me, excuse me!" as they made their way urgently inside the emergency room.

Sheryl ran as she tried to catch up with the medical workers. She then moved towards the doctor and asked, "What's the matter with him? How is he?"

"We can't be certain and specific at this point, but all we know is that he may have a heart disease and needs to get an operation right now," the doctor replied in haste and proceeded to instruct the rest of the staff.

Sheryl watched as the doctor used the telephone to ask about an available room, and after the blink of an eye, the patient was transferred into an operating room. The doctor stopped Sheryl and Isla, telling them that he would inform them right away after the surgery.

As the physician entered the operating room, leaving them behind in the waiting area, a nurse walked towards Sheryl and Isla. "Miss, are you the patient's relative? We have a policy here in the hospital, saying that we can't operate on the patient without the bills getting paid first, at least in half," she said.

Sheryl turned towards the door of the operating room and thought, 'Looks like the young man is seriously ill and needs to get an operation right now.'

Without any more hesitation, she grabbed her purse and followed the nurse towards the nurse station. The nurse started to type away on the computer. As the nurse processed the payment, Sheryl mused, 'Saving a life is doing the good thing. Regardless whether the young man chooses to work with us or not, I will help him out. I can't stand the thought of him dying when I have the chance to give him a possible longer life.'

Finally, the nurse handed the bill to Sheryl as she said, "Here is the bill, miss. Please, have a look."

Sheryl took it and scanned through the paper. Without uttering a word, she walked towards the cashier's window.

"Sher," Isla called from behind as she tried to stop Sheryl.

Sheryl paused and turned to Isla. "Yes?"

Isla looked at Sheryl with hesitation and asked, "Are you sure you're going to do this?" Isla wasn't a mean person, and she cared for the young man as well. But considering that he was a stranger to them, she was afraid that Sheryl might get fooled.

Sheryl gave Isla a weak smile and replied lightly, "Yes, I am sure, so don't worry." Sheryl didn't care if she was just being tricked. All she cared about was the thought that the young man might lose his life if she didn't pay the medical fee for him right now. If she did end up lose some money, at le

him a smile and said, "You're welcome, but if you don't mind me asking, what happened to you?

Do you know you have a heart problem?" She tried not to sound like she was prying. He sighed and explained, "I was diagnosed with CHD, and seeing where I am now, I presumed I had a heart attack. Fortunately for me, you brought me to the hospital. Otherwise, I might have been found dead in my office already." Isla nodded slowly and responded, "I see."

She started to have some sympathy for him. 'He is cute and polite. What a poor guy!' she thought with a sigh. Excited and grateful as he was, the young man still had some questions and doubt. Politely, he asked, "I don't mean to be rude, but how did you know that I passed out?"

"Well, we dropped by Lansh Technology and intended to talk to you about our cooperation. But when we got there, even though the lights were turned on, we didn't see anyone. We felt like something was wrong, so we searched the rooms one by one, and there in one room, I found you unconscious at the desk," Sheryl explained, understanding that this piece of information was really a point for confusion.

"I see. Thank you," the patient replied, nodding approvingly. He opened his mouth to say something more but stopped.

Sheryl looked at him and thought about inquiring him about Lansh Technology, but then she realized that she didn't know his name yet. "Mister, do you mind, what is your name?" Shery asked courteously.

"I'm Nick Ge, and with my colleague friend, we founded Lansh Technology," Nick Ge replied, introducing himself.

"How are you feeling, Mr. Ge?" Sheryl asked with concern before she would start talking about business and ask the questions that had been on her mind. As she started at him, she started to remember him by the mention of his name. She had met him last time with another guy called Mr. Sun.

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