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   Chapter 1189 Place A Bet

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Isla didn't care much about it at all. Her visit to the company yesterday had given her a bad impression of it. Now that they were unable to keep the company running, she felt it was better to cancel their contract.

"Give me the contact details of the company. I want to make sure that I give it one last chance," said Sheryl, unwilling to give up on those young men who had just started to branch out on their own.

Sheryl clearly remembered the passion in their eyes the last time they had come to their company to seek a contract with them. They longed earnestly to start a company of their own and display their competence.

Their desire was obvious and sincere. Sheryl didn't want to believe that those young men had forgone their faith in such a short time.

Even if they had left their faith behind, Sheryl didn't want to give up yet. She felt that she should make an effort to hold onto her faith at least.

"Why are you so determined in wasting more of our time bothering with them?" Isla asked again in disbelief.

"I don't have anything else to do for now. I finished the other order yesterday. So, why don't I help you with this one? I don't see any problem in it," Sheryl said with a shrug.

"Oh? Are you challenging me? All right then, I'll give you their phone number. From now on, you are in charge of this order!" Isla obviously had no tolerance for provocation.

She was confident about her professional skills. She was ready to take Sheryl's challenge head on.

"Yeah, you can take it as a challenge! It will be pretty boring if there is no bet in place. What do you think?" Sheryl asked with a wide smile. She had been extremely bored these past few days. This was a rare chance for her to stir her blood. She couldn't let it slip through her fingers.

And Isla was the perfect person for her to get that kind of excitement from. Sheryl had no interest in seeking out trouble by gambling with others. All she wanted was to have a little bit of fun with her friends.

"A bet? Okay! You determine the rules. I'm

r earlier.

But no one answered the call this time either.

Sheryl didn't give up and kept on calling.

But the call didn't go through.

"This is a waste of time. You stay here, Isla. I'm gonna go to Lansh Technology and see what's happening there," Sheryl said, shaking her head. She wondered if this issue could be solved if she showed up at their company in person.

"Sher, I'm coming with you. There's nothing important for me to do here anyway," Isla said, standing up from her chair.

Just a moment ago, they had been arguing with each other. But now, they were as intimate as sisters, as if nothing had happened.

They were best friends, after all. They had nothing to fear or care about as long as they had each other's back.

Together, they wouldn't let anything get in their way.

"All right. This will more likely be settled if we go together," Sheryl agreed without a second thought.

"I don't know if we can do this or not, and frankly, I don't care. But I want to see how you will find a way to change their minds."

"Actually, even I don't know how. We'll see when we arrive at Lansh Technology," Sheryl said.

"Well, then what's the hold up? Let's go!" Isla hurried Sheryl; she was as impatient as always.

"All right, let's hit the road!" Sheryl looked at the time. It was almost noon. They didn't have much time left.

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