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   Chapter 1187 Why Hasn't He Come Back Yet

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Sheryl closed the door lightly and headed towards her bedroom to take a shower. When she walked past the staircase, she heard Gary's voice from downstairs.

"Are Clark and Shirley in bed, Sher?"

Sheryl stopped and peeped down to find Gary standing near the stairs. "Yes, they are," Sheryl replied instantly. "That's good. Are you busy now? If not, come downstairs. I have something to tell you," Gary said and gazed at Sheryl waiting for a reply from her.

"I have nothing to do right now. I am coming," Sheryl agreed. She took the stairs to join Gary, who had turned around by then and had started walking towards the living room. Sheryl was bewildered inside, her mind clouded with umpteen unpleasant thoughts. As Gary summoned her like this, it made her all the more speculative. She had no idea what Gary was going to announce. She climbed down the stairs silently and thought in her mind, 'Perhaps Charles wants a divorce, but he doesn't know how to mention this to me. So he begged Gary to discuss our divorce with me.'

The moment the thought of her divorce with Charles came to her mind, she felt an unbearable heaviness in her heart. She felt like going numb in her head and she felt as if her feet were too heavy to be lifted. Sweat started appearing on her forehead. Sheryl had an instant impulse to just run into her room and lock herself. But she could not ignore Gary's command. Hence, she took a deep breath and pulled herself up together and decided to face it bravely.

She joined the elders in the living room soon. "What's up, Grandpa?" she asked nervously as she gazed at Gary's face. Gary looked solemn yet composed as he took his seat on the couch and made himself comfortable.

"Nothing important. Have a seat, Sher. Stay, Melissa," Gary said in a casual manner. His voice was low yet steady. Melissa and Sheryl took their respective seats in front of him and stared at his face trying to guess what he was going to tell them.

"What is it, Dad? Please go ahead. I'm listening," Melissa asked him politely. She was an excellent mother in front of Charles and an equally dutiful and respectful daughter-in-law to Gary.

Sheryl settled herself on the couch and gazed at Gary as she expected him to mention something important. She and Melissa guessed what was on Gary's mind.

"It's not a big deal. I wanted to tell you that I am traveling abroad tomorrow. Perhaps I will come back after a month or two. I am not sure how long my trip will last," Gary announced with a slight smile.

"You're going to travel abroad? Why did you never mention this before, Grandpa?" Sheryl asked with gaping eyes. Gary's announcement took her b

like me to take you to the airport tomorrow morning, Grandpa?" Sheryl offered. Gary had always been a source of solace and security for Sheryl ever since she had come to Dream Garden. She felt a little unsettled to learn that Gary would not be there for an entire month. Yet she couldn't meddle in Gary's decision. So she decided to see him off.

"Sure. You can drop me off. I and my friends have decided to meet at the airport." Gary accepted her offer instantly.

"Don't forget to call us when you get there. Otherwise, we will be worried about you," Melissa urged with feigned concern.

"Don't worry. It's not my first time to go abroad. I will take care of myself," Gary reassured them with a laugh. Then he remained quiet for a moment and looked around the house with a frown on his face. "How come Charles isn't back yet?" he asked Sheryl.

Gary was feeling relaxed after discussing his traveling plans with Melissa and Sheryl. Then he suddenly felt that while the whole family was at home, Charles had not reached yet.

The very mention about Charles came as a slap in Sheryl's face. She didn't know how to reply. 'Where is Charles? Is he on a date or in a meeting?

What should I say?' she struggled.

"Sher, Gary is speaking to you. Where is Charles? Why hasn't he come back yet?" Melissa took note of Sheryl being quiet and reminded her, feigning to be nice.

Much contrary to the real situation, she sounded as if she and Sheryl had been very close. Whereas, not only Charles, even Gary knew that they didn't like each other.

Despite that, Gary's facial expression didn't change. He stared at Sheryl with the confusion in her eyes. He looked like as if he didn't see through Melissa's trick. All he wanted to know was when Charles would come home.

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